My family has a 6 million Dollar estate. Like, an actual real estate. With lots of land, etc.. And that’s not a big deal for us. It’s about right.

A family house near the Pacific Ocean
My first cousin’s estate being built in the 2010’s

It’s not a 20 million Dollar estate. It’s not a 50 million Dollar estate. But it is a real estate. As in, it was intended to house stables for horses, etc. and it isn’t just a big house in the suburbs.

My former in-laws former main house. It was featured in an local interior design magazine.

…I recently got into an awkward conversation with a man over it though. He was interested in dating me. And in his mind this:

was worth more than around 20 million Dollars. It’s selling for $25 million.

I said, “I bet that house is worth like 20 million Dollars.”

And he said, “No, it was Rhode Island! Those people are…ultra rich. I’m sure that house was worth more. Far more!”

He had no idea what he was talking about. And his conceited class condescension was unbearable over time. He had a PhD from a great university but…to me that’s impressive but not unheard of. And social class is real…

*huge eye-roll*

Michael smiles. Lem laughs.

“I ride!” says a pretentious woman with a $700 house in some bourgeois, plastic suburb.

“Her family made your life. With their oil.” says Michael.

“And their research at Harvard. And their grain…technically…before that.” says Lem.

“He was way out of his league with you.” says Jack. “It was getting painful to watch so I pulled the plug today.”