I’m not clear on what I believe about the so-called “End Times.” Because…it’s not entirely clear. Some things like the existence of Heaven and Hell seem very real and separated from Earth based on my interpretation of the Bible. Earth isn’t Heaven nor Hell. It’s currently fashionable to say otherwise these days, but as a Christian it’s also delusional, *racist and potentially spiritually dangerous to say otherwise in my mind. …And, of course, I have a view based on hundreds and hundreds of years of Christianity. …And of course, I could be wrong. Why not try to prove my interpretation, either way, using “evidence?” Because intellectually corrupt people or people certain of their own interpretation probably don’t give much of a damn about my logic anyway. Not really…

I’m not God. I didn’t write the Bible even as I view it as a personally sacred book. The most sacred of all books ever written. A holy book.

…I also have no clear idea who reads my blog.

But if the man I almost dated does here’s a tip: you probably don’t know why I lost interest in you. And here are the two real reasons why: 1. You seemed lacking in empathy. When I shared my pain with you you always seemed cold or performatively kind or totally disinterested. 2. You and I are just too different as people. You seemed very attractive. I’m sure you’ll find someone else. But we were just far too different. It was fun talking with you. It was enriching even. You have a stellar mind. But that’s different than coupling off with someone romantically.

And…if you stalk my blog as a perfume collector: there go you. That’s why that guy didn’t work out put in publicly consumable words. But the truth is there nonetheless. I’m not a passive person.

Happy weekend!

*Racist?! Yes, I think so… Because if there’s no Heaven outside of life on Earth where do blacks go? Life on Earth has been Hellish for them for centuries. This was their Heaven too?! This was the good news existence for them too?! This Earthly kingdom of some sort of Godly hope they hopefully understood is all they were given through Christ’s sacrifice?! …That’s it?! That’s all they get?! There’s no Heaven to hope for? Turning the here and now into “all” (even subtly) is atheistic and hateful as a spiritual person, in my opinion. It’s lacking in hope for those whose life will never improve on the Earth. It’s utterly heartless. And maybe for some privileged few it prompts them to “try harder” but for many humans it’s sadistic theology that renders God impotent and essentially meaningless. …No. If the thought of ghosts caught in Purgatory and demons and terrifying saints and a literal Hell and a literal Heaven scares you then admit it at least to yourself. …Don’t be a coward.