Thing is…

I just watched “Dear Mrs. Kennedy” from the Netflix series, The Crown. It’s the first episode I’ve watched…out of love for and loyalty to actual reality.

A few takeaways from Lacey:

She begins.

“1. I love Great Britain, but especially England.

2. Queen Elizabeth was an amazing person.

3. Lem’s ghost wasn’t lying (in saying Jack beat him into submission while high on amphetamines to sleep with him when Lem lost interest for many reasons, one of which was a possible heterosexual orientation). Possibly. But he still expected far too much from me.

4. Jack…and Jackie were a great show. (As in television show)

5. I’m angry for a reason” *smile*

“Everyone dies, you silly man.” Lacey says to Jack. “Should I tickle you and make you giggle or do you need to get rid of your headache first?”

“I doubt he has a headache.”

“Boy, you must be tired.” says Lacey to Jack.

“Where’s Lem?” he asks Lacey.

“Heaven knows.” she says ironically.

“Was I shot?!” he asks, horrified.

Lacey laughs.

“That’s how I died.” he says in frustration.

Lacey laughs.

He cries.

“Hey, it’s okay. You’re dead. If this isn’t Hell, you’re fine now. Right?!” she bends over to meet his face with her own, smiles. Strokes his head kindly. He smiles. Closes his eyes, lays back and rests.

“Yes! But what about Jackie-“ He breaks off, unable to speak, thinking about the kids.

“They’re not dead. They’re grieving, horrifically, of course.” Lacey straightens things around his room. “Listen, you need to go pray for them. Now!!!” she commands. He nods, crying.

He pauses. “Where are my kids?!”

“Oh! They’re out riding.”

“Oh. Right.”

“Go pray!!”