Eau de Cologne Quintessence (Repost)

Eau de Cologne Quintessence by Agnel of Paris (Agnel 1900’s or so?) is very rare so I’m truly guessing at the notes in this vintage bottle. To my nose, punchy lemon, orange, rosemary, geranium, and eucalyptus at the start are refreshing. Then soft florals and fizzy orris root are combined with woody amber and laterContinue reading “Eau de Cologne Quintessence (Repost)”

Une Belle Journée (Repost)

Une Belle Jouenée (Paul Emelien 2014) is magical. Somehow, when you first apply it, the iris, mint, rose, mandarin, jasmine and geranium read as…DILL! Fresh from the farmer’s market on a summer day, unbelievably and uncharacteristically elegant dill… And, I adore it. Then, it shifts about a little and the notes separate to form individualContinue reading “Une Belle Journée (Repost)”