A Blue Box (Repost)

My son is almost entirely well.  I am, of course, very relieved by that. Today I was looking at photos from just a few months ago and it’s amazing how much he’s changed in that short amount of time.  That cliché about how fast children grow up is true. My grandmother had the theory that childrenContinue reading “A Blue Box (Repost)”

Sud Magnolia (Repost)

It opens with a bright, slightly sweet, citrus fruitiness (Atelier Cologne 2015) that is refreshing, and uplifting, but in a way that is almost otherworldly.  It reminds me of the way the air smells in the winter, on a truly cold morning – frozen and fresh but with an added glamour and dazzle.  Then, intoContinue reading “Sud Magnolia (Repost)”

Azalea (Repost)

Hové Parfumeur of New Orleans, Azalea is a greenish, jumpy, crisp and then milky scent.  It’s a literal fragrance with a predominant note of azalea, but it’s a well done Azalea in my estimation.  I find it to be a very becoming floral. If you want to smell like a sweet, elegant flower then thisContinue reading “Azalea (Repost)”

Black Satin (Repost)

Black Satin (Angelique 1946) is a soft, warm, sparkling oriental gem. The straightforward aldehydic opening and powdery, green notes are sassy but comforting in a way that only a vintage fragrance can be.  Notes of orris root, benzoin, styrax, amber, coriander, oakmoss and galbanum are strongest from my observation.  Black Satin is an oriental fragranceContinue reading “Black Satin (Repost)”