My long awaited bottle of Chanel 1957 (Chanel 2019) from Les Exclusifs de Chanel did not disappoint. No, indeed. It’s quickly becoming one of my top ten favorite Chanels. 1957 is slightly reminiscent a few other Chanels from Les Exclusifs de Chanel especially at the start. Jersey, the Eau de Cologne, Gardenia, No. 18 andContinue reading “1957”


Among the few Chanels I’ve hesitated to purchase is Allure (Chanel 1996). Something about the late 90’s, sweet meets clean, shampooesque, and subtle, sleek charm just didn’t make me want to buy it. But as it has a gentle, fresh beauty I’m in the mood for lately I found myself endeared to it recently soContinue reading “Allure”


Derivative? Yes. Of course. But it’s so darn fun and pretty (Viktor & Rolf 2014). BonBon is the 2000’s romcom with Jennifer Aniston (or maybe Jessica Biel) of the fragrance world. It’s a sugary sugar gourmand (except for a hint of depth in the drydown possibly due to amber and cedar?). And for my purposesContinue reading “BonBon”


Incredibly tangible, lush white florals, specifically lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and gardenia open a wild bouquet.  Kai (Kai 1999) smells a little daring and a little heady up close but far away it smells earthy, exotic, and sensous while also being a bit more subtle.  And while this is not a fragrance with a tremendous amount ofContinue reading “Kai”