Violette Précieuse (Repost)

I’m in awe of this vintage fragrance from the 1910’s (Caron 1913). It has moods. It’s a little like L’Heure Bleue and Mitsouko in that way… For example: I tried Violette Précieuse first over a month ago on a cold snowy/rainy day and it was somber, haunting and green antique violet… Today, with warmer, sunnyContinue reading “Violette Précieuse (Repost)”

Sabi (Repost)

Dani (Henry Dunay 1998) is instantly enchanting and effortlessly cool. The citrus tinged, lush florals, specifically orange blossom, narcissus, carnation, hyacinth, tuberose, and angelica combine with spice laden vetiver to create an aromatic wonder. It’s a crisp floral like Private Collection or White Linen but it has such an inviting and warm vanillic base thatContinue reading “Sabi (Repost)”

Rausch (Repost)

If it could be described as a somewhat heavy fragrance, and it could (especially at first) Rausch (J. F. Schwarzlose Berlin 2012) transforms with time to become a little bit softer, sweeter and airier.  Complex, rich and sexy, this beautiful oud with warm sandalwood, sophisticated patchouli and a present but unobtrusive vanilla is quite perfectly intenseContinue reading “Rausch (Repost)”