Chanel no. 19 (Repost)

I found my bottle of vintage Chanel no. 19 edt. on eBay from a seller who’s mother owned a department store.  She apparently had tons of samples from decades ago and I have been enjoying my bottle of authentic, well-preserved vintage Chanel no. 19 all day.  Some say that vintage bottles are weary, broken andContinue reading “Chanel no. 19 (Repost)”

Mantrap (Repost)

Mantrap (Hové Parfumeur 1930’s) is a very flowery, musky, intensely vintage fragrance.  According to Hové, Mantrap is a, “…heavy oriental..” with, “heavy resinous notes…”  but I think it’s a bit more crisp and almost green than that description allows.  I also experience it as  more of a floral chypre than an oriental, but they, ofContinue reading “Mantrap (Repost)”

Rainy Blue (Repost)

Tonight we’re having spaghetti.  Simply put, it’s easy to make and it tastes good.  Sometimes I’m ready to really cook, but tonight not so much… It got super complicated trying to find an antique dealer nearby who was interested and who would be able to take our cabinet soon enough.  So, we decided to keep it, andContinue reading “Rainy Blue (Repost)”

Fascinator (Repost)

Fascinator by Hové Parfumeur of New Orleans, Louisiana (Hové Parfumeur) is a largely green, strong, oak moss fragrance but I would guess there’s some jasmine and ylang-ylang,  bergamot and lemon as well.  It’s a bit indolic, earthy and a little sweet with what I believe to be orange blossom and what is certainly musk.  Continue reading “Fascinator (Repost)”

The Chaos and Some Meaningful Frivolity

Have I had the virus? Possibly. I’ve had some odd symptoms that may have been Covid-19. I don’t know. It’s terrifying. Isn’t it? Regardless, we’ve been careful in regard to social distancing and I can only hope for the best. As much as they keep reporting on young people dying it’s still primarily a diseaseContinue reading “The Chaos and Some Meaningful Frivolity”

Lady Delene Cologne (Repost)

This rare vintage (Delene Products Chicago unknown) starts earthy, slightly sweet and herbal with kicky citrus, and sharp, soapy florals. I’d bet there’s bergamot, lavender, carnation, and geranium. And perhaps lily, violet, ylang ylang, honeysuckle (?) and then almost certainly sandalwood and vetiver to close. Do I also smell sage, benzoin, tonka and musk? AtContinue reading “Lady Delene Cologne (Repost)”