I wandered through Instagram’s streams today and found posts that were…surprising. You’d think I’d have seen them before based on things I’ve said on my blog recently, but in a very creepy coincidence I hadn’t. Any of them. My gosh. What do you say to people who hate themselves? Who see their perceived “flaws” inContinue reading “Loss”

Emeraude (Repost)

In French, émeraude means emerald. I love emeralds. Emerald cut diamonds are gorgeous, and emerald cut emeralds are just beyond… Emerald, or Emeraude is the perfect name for the classic fragrance, created in 1921, by Coty.  It’s a very Art Deco fragrance, with citrus top notes and basenotes of benzoin and opoponax.  And, similarly to theContinue reading “Emeraude (Repost)”

Cie (Repost)

Cie, by Jacqueline Cochran (Shulton 1976) is a woody, slightly spicy and very heady green chypre of the late 1970’s/early 80’s variety.  It’s sharp but also lovely, and becomes especially nice during the dry down. However, despite my ability to see the beauty of this vintage fragrance and how others could favor it, I can’tContinue reading “Cie (Repost)”

Cabotine de Grès (Repost)

Last night my husband and I finally watched “To Have and Have Not” together. It was just as splendid and unearthly as I remember… I say unearthly because when I watch it I feel like I’m being towed back in time.  Perhaps if I had watched it when it was in the theater it wouldContinue reading “Cabotine de Grès (Repost)”

Miss Dior Chérie (Repost)

I bought my bottle of Miss Dior Chérie in 2010 at a Macy’s that doesn’t exist anymore.  It had been a couple of other department stores before it became a Macy’s and it was the last surviving department store located downtown. There were a few buildings with people living in them then, but it was mostly justContinue reading “Miss Dior Chérie (Repost)”

Hové Parfumeur (Repost)

I’ve never been to New Orleans, Louisiana, but someday I want to visit and stop by Hové Parfumeur in the French Quarter at 434 Chartres St..  Hové Parfumeur was originally located at 529 Royal Street when it was started in 1931 by Mrs. Alvin Hovey-King, the wife of a retired Navy Commander.  She had spentContinue reading “Hové Parfumeur (Repost)”