Cèdre Atlas (Repost)

Lemon and black current jump around wildly at the start (Atelier Cologne 2015). Perhaps it’s the cedar that finally tethers them down and eventually mixes them together with a dash of apricot, earthy papyrus and beautiful vetiver and amber. Cèdre Atlas is expansive, a little romantic, and very clean and contemporary. It feels cheerful toContinue reading “Cèdre Atlas (Repost)”

Dans La Nuit (Repost)

Soft, powdery, sweet floral aldehydes are flanked by green florals, musk, amber and a pretty sandalwood. But it’s the bouquet of Dans La Nuit (Worth 1924 and 1985) that is particularly noticeable… I can easily detect numerous individual notes, in particular there’s spicy carnation, lily-of-the-valley, and rose. It’s a truly blooming scent, but the baseContinue reading “Dans La Nuit (Repost)”

Balalaika  (Repost)

Ultimately very musky, Balalaika (Lucien Lelong 1939) is also a violet and bold Gardenia scent. The florals are green, spicy and woody. Doughy vanilla is sweet then smoky. Rosewood is aromatic like an old rosewood trinket box. But Balalaika heats up as you wear it. This Lelong starts as a traditional woody floral, although somewhatContinue reading “Balalaika  (Repost)”

Extraordinaire Camelia 209 (Repost)

At the start, bourbon vanilla adds saucy sugar to a very supple camelia (Krigler 2009). Matter of fact this pair is so vibrant, engaging and certain in their intentions that you can’t help but be carried away momentarily to a sunlit solarium or a perfect spring day outdoors. The noble flower is flanked by delicateContinue reading “Extraordinaire Camelia 209 (Repost)”