I thought some of you who don’t hate me might find this post funny and ironic. Snob was released by Le Galion in 1952 and then rereleased (and reformulated) in 2014.

This is a travel size bottle of the old formula. And I love it. Figures right?! 😂☺️Ha!

The current formulation lists rose as a middle note and I definitely detect rose. I also smell a funky saffron infused jasmine, a subtle apple, and a hearty orange blossom mixed with bergamot.

It’s actually a fascinating fragrance. It’s edgy and exotic but also elegant and somewhat refined. That rose note is especially intriguing. It’s very prominent and it’s somewhat prim but the saffron dances around it. And the musky, amber, sandalwood tinged base is a contrast.

But there’s a lot of dramatic and enjoyable contrast with this fragrance. And actually, if you added oud this 1952 version would smell a lot like a Tom Ford contemporary.

I really like it a lot.

Nose (for the 1952 version): Paul Vacher


This combination of iris, tuberose, violet and rose is creamy, soft but definite (Creed 1956). The tuberose is almost edgy. And while the perfectly added bergamot is pretty it doesn’t restrain the florals. Truly though this fragrance is *all* silk ribbons, lace, velvet and glamour. It’s not at all surprising that it was created for the wedding of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier. At some point I have to add this one to my collection… It has almost all my favorite florals in one perfect blend. I love it (preferably vintage 😍). It’s gorgeous.

Top note: bergamot. Middle notes: violet, tuberose, rose and iris. Base notes: ambergris.

Nose: James Henry Creed


The vintage version of Vetiver (Guerlain 1959) is my favorite. With its genuinely fruity lemon and spicy vetiver aromatically swirling around the wearer at the start before calming to a gentle, heavenly and crisp citrusy vetiver scent laced with what smells like the remains of pipe tobacco from decades long past. And of course, it’s clearly a Guerlain, which is always a great thing.  

Top note: lemon.  Middle notes: tobacco and  vetiver.  Base notes: nutmeg, tobacco and pepper. 

Nose: Jean-Paul Guerlain 

Que Sera

This vintage chypre is very earthy, green and musky (Studio Girl Hollywood 50’s or 60’s?). To be honest, it’s one of those sort of vintage fragrances you don’t necessarily wear but it’s fun to have. There’s something a little funky about it and while I think it could be layered it’d be hard for even me (who loves vintage fragrance) to truly use it. Or maybe if just the right person found it they’d enjoy it? At any rate it’s still novel. 

Gin Fizz 

Gin Fizz (Lubin 1955 & 2009) opens with one of the most lovely citrus openings I’ve ever encountered. The Sicilian Lemon mixes wonderfully with fresh juniper berry. It’s bright, fresh and yet perfectly sweet… And while rose and jasmine are present iris takes a very elegant and central place in this fragrance. Gin Fizz is green in a way slightly reminiscent of vintage Estée Lauder Private Collection – a fragrance supposedly worn by Grace Kelly, who inspired this Lubin gem. It’s rare that I buy current formulations, but this is one I’ll have to someday acquire! 
Top notes: bergamot, Sicilian lemon, juniper berry, and Messina mandarin.  Middle notes: iris, galbanum, orange blossom, rose absolute, and Turkish jasmine.  Base notes: Florentine iris, vetiver, white musk, oak moss, swamp lily and benzoin.  

Nose: Henri Giboulet 


A spicy orris mixes with florals and oakmoss right at the outset of Stradivari (Prince Matchabelli 1950)… This bold, sensual and intoxicating scent is both demure and alluring all at once. Perfect for day and yet so frothy and rich that it hints constantly at dim warm lights and mysterious shadows. It’s a great example of a smoky, leathery and yet prim green, woody floral that kept all hidden and lovely… However, the caveat should be noted that only in spring, very early summer, fall or winter weather could this contradiction happen… I imagine in hot weather Stradivari could only really fit the moment at night. At any rate, it’s a bit sublime. 

Lovely Patchouli 55


Although Krigler is a very luxurious, and respectable house I’m afraid Lovely Patchouli 55 (Krigler 1955) is not exactly…  what I expected.   It’s very sweet, and there’s something almost abrasive about the way it plays with my chemistry.   It’s also tart.  The notes mix together into a loud patchouli and then collectively punch one in the nose.  I would not say it is pretty…  or handsome.  And, while the drydown improves it, it doesn’t alter it entirely.

Notes: bergamot, leather, amber and patchouli.




Vintage Diorissimo (Dior 1956) is lily-of-the-valley done to perfection. It’s strong, very elegant and combined with a fresh, authentic lilac that blossoms as the scent progresses, it’s also wildly romantic. Diorissimo is an exquisite floral fragrance that is infinitely springlike, with a chilled glamour. Even for someone who may never particularly like muguet it’s hard to truly deny the genuine loveliness of Diorissimo…

Top notes: bergamot and green leaves. Middle notes: boronia, jasmine, lilac, lily, Rosemary, Amaryllis, ylang-ylang, and lily-of-the-valley. Base notes: civet and sandalwood.

Winks No. 96

2015-03-21 14.49.14 (2)
Beautiful, airy, floral and sweet Winks No. 96 by Winkelman’s is a friendly and yet refined fragrance.  It’s very ladylike with likely notes of carnation, rose, jasmine, and benzoin.  No. 96 is light.  A lily of the valley note and perhaps iris, musk and vetiver create an optimistic very 1950’s scent, most likely best worn with pastel fabric and pearls.  No. 96 is also a little powdery in the dry down…

*Winkelman’s was a store in Detroit, Michigan that started in the 1920’s and seems to have ceased to exist in the 90’s…


2015-10-04 17.23.27

According to a review on, Dreamy by Luzier of Kansas City had white floral top notes and the reviewer believes they can detect, patchouli, cedarwood, benzoin and perhaps amber from the juice of their vintage bottle.   I can also smell benzoin, patchouli and cedarwood but there’s also the presense of aldehydes, and perhaps styrax.  And, I can also detect those faint, soapy white floral top notes along with a definite honeylike sweetness, particularly into the drydown.  Dreamy actually reminds me a great bit of vintage Arpege by Lanvin and a little of Bourjois Mais Oui.  Dreamy is a warm, sweet, pretty scent…