Anais Anais

2015-07-12 17.06.05

Very green, elegant and luxurious Anais Anais by Cacheral (Cacheral 1978) is iconic.  It has the 1970’s written all over it, but it transcends time.

Galbanum, orange blossom, and lily are the notes strongest on my skin at first.  It’s fresh, never heavy and pretty.  Into the drydown the sandalwood, and cedar emerge as strong notes like a quiet coastline, misty behind a serene sea.  This scent feels very connected to nature, but would be perfect for a church wedding too.  It’s no wonder so many people wear Anais Anais with great enjoyment. Anais Anais is extremely versatile too.

Top notes: hyacinth,galbanum and orange blossom.  Middle notes: jasmine, rose and lily.  Base notes: sandalwood, cedar, incense and amber.

So, there’s a very very good chance we’ll be moving within the next couple of months.  These last few weeks have been a little tumultous for us and I’m glad they’re over, frankly.

It’s been a lovely summer here, in regard to the weather.  We’ve been blessed with that.

I’m enjoying taking a break from blogging almost everyday.  I really like blogging, but it’s nice to have a time away.  🙂

Thank you for reading.  See you August 1st.  Have a lovely rest of July!

Amor Amor

2015-03-21 14.46.35 (2)

Amor Amor (Cacheral 2003) is a super sweet, chewy, gummy, fruity scent.  It’s a bit like candy strawberries, with a youthful citrus twist.  It’s also quite passionate, hence the name.  Amor Amor is like being in love when you are young – it’s energetic unabashedly happy and joyful, but still winsome and a bit trepidatious.  There’s a fizzy vibrant floral quality to Amor Amor as well.  Longevity and sillage are moderate to strong.

Notes are: pink greipfruit, mandarine, blood orange, Malati Flower, lily-of-the-valley, white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and ambergris. 

And so ends another week.  Thank goodness!


I hope you’re having a nice weekend. I’m sure you deserve it.  🙂


DSC07481 (2)

LouLou by Cacheral  (Cacheral 1987), intrigues me.  The bottle itself is decidedly unique, and the prominent and unusual use of the Tiare flower in the fragrance is a bit captivating. It has a few of my favorite notes, which include orris root, benzoin, violet, and orange blossom with other notes of vanilla, Chinese cinnamon wood, plum and the 1980’s favorite note of tuberose, with a total of 19 notes listed on

I’ve been wearing it off and on with some frequency this week and enjoying it.  LouLou is a very early 1990’s/late 80’s scent and it actually brings back some vague memories of my childhood.  I can faintly remember going to church or formal school functions and smelling this perfume wafting from the clusters of adults scattered about the room. I have one very clear memory of walking up our church steps and smelling something that may have been LouLou, and in this memory I’m, of course, much smaller and those steps seem gigantic…

If I had noticed someone wearing this perfume back then I would have thought they were quite sophisticated.  It really is a pretty scent.  Strangely, I can almost picture what a woman wearing LouLou would have looked like from some sort of compilation of hazy memories: permed, but well groomed “big” hair, an elegant 90’s tailored suit with shoulder pads, pumps, a black quilted Chanel handbag chain purse, and thick Brooke Shields inspired eyebrows.

We’ve been following the Whole Foods Market weekly menu planning guide  with the exception of lunch yesterday when we mixed up the days on purpose and had a chicken salad using balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, parsley, black pepper, green pepper and chicken.

DSC07472 (2)

Assembling a few of the ingredients – Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, and chopped green onions and parsley

DSC07473 (2)

The final product – Chicken Salad with fresh chopped parsley, fresh ground black pepper, chopped green onions, chicken, Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar

So far,  I’m very impressed with the Whole Foods planner.  I feel better already and it’s fun to taste all the fresh ingredients.  The guide is also quite easy to follow and we actually have saved money by using it.   Once we use up all the Whole Foods meal ideas I’ll be quickly searching for more  already made healthy menu plans online.

I also received my shipment of facial serum in the mail and with it came some fantastic samples.  I’ve decided to use a few and discuss them .  If you want a ton of great reviews of beauty products I recommend stopping by dandygal or thesushiprincess.  I’ve found very useful advice on both of those blogs.

Supposedly Omorovicza Blue Diamond Concentrate is full of diamond peptides, and in any case, whatever is in it, it seems to work quite well as an anti-ageing serum, as many other reviews suggest.  My skin was smoother, more supple and definitely “younger looking” the few times after I used it – I was genuinely impressed.  My only concern with this product involves the ingredients, ironically.  It’s highly perfumed, and of course, heavily fragranced products often contain a myriad of undesirable chemicals.  So, given my concern over the possible harm caused by any unwanted ingredients I think I would probably not purchase Blue Diamond Concentrate, but it was more than pleasant to try.

On Friday, I’ll be reviewing Omorovicza Gold Hydralifting Mask.  Until then, have a nice rest of your week and if you’re in the midst of the same snowy cold weather we are, stay warm. 🙂