I’ve had this somewhat rare Caesar’s World Ferentina (Caesar’s World For Women 1994) for over a year. My husband bought it at an estate sale last spring. And, while I smelled the bottle and sort of liked the fragrance I was blinded by the house. Caesar’s World of Las Vegas, NV doesn’t exactly evoke a feeling of tastefulness and I wasn’t in the mood to bother doing more research… However I’ve recently given it another chance and it’s actually quite enjoyable. Ferentina, after whom the fragrance was named, was a mythical spirit of nature and water to the Romans and this fragrance is fairly aptly named. Cassis is bold and so are the other super-sized 1990’s florals (especially rose) but given the equally strong sandalwood, musk and amber at the base it becomes fairly balanced and the overall effect is a pretty opulence. If I were to compare it to another fragrance I’d pick Cabotine de Grès in a heartbeat… Actually, imagine Cabotine with bright lights and glitter and you have Ferentina.

Top notes: marigold, orange blossom and cassis. Middle notes: cinnamon, rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang. Base notes: sandalwood, musk and amber.

Caesar’s Woman

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Caesar’s Woman, created by Caesar’s World of Caesar’s Palace (Caesar’s World 1988) is a wild, heady, thick 1980’s floral with a surprising clean, crispness.  Strong notes of Egyptian Jasmine, mimosa, orange blossom and tuberose te dominate this opulent perfume and it can only be worn in small amounts.  I applied a moderate amount to one wrist and was projecting scent at the same level for hours as I would usually with several heavy applications of perfume applied over and over again.   It’s a very potent fragrance.

In the late drydown all the energetic floral bursts dim down to a sweet sandalwood, but it’s still a vibrant scent.  Caesar’s Woman may have been created with the inspiration of ancient grandeur, but I think, in my estimation, it’s truly a “1980’s fragrance” with a lot of charm.  If you’re ready for something powerful this is the scent for you…

Top notes: orange blossom, bergamot, rose and Egyptian jasmine.  Middle notes: tuberose, geranium, lily-of-the-valley, orris root and mimosa.  Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

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