Reveal (Calvin Klein 2014) begins with a salty, peppery olfactory attack and yet it’s super pretty and quite uncanny.  Right away iris is noticeable, followed by sandalwood, then musk and ambergris.  This is an exciting, open, youthful fragrance that is not just for those under a certain age but those young at heart…

Into the drydown a somewhat fruity vetiver is soft, poignant and pleasing…  And still, a saltiness like tears, blood or sweat – human experience – is present.

While I’m generally very vintage in my fragrance choices this is one recent fragrance I’m quite drawn to.  It manages to both follow the rules and break them at the same time…


Top notes: white pepper, black pepper, pink pepper and salt accords.  Middle notes: iris and ambergris.  Base notes: musk, vetiver, cashmere and sandalwood.

Noses:  Jean-Marc Chaillan and Bruno Jovanovic



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Obsession by Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein 1985) is a powerful, unisex fragrance.  It’s sensual, rugged and very slightly amorous with strong animalic notes of civet and musk. This classic 1980’s scent is floral but clean (peach, lemon, mandarin orange) and watery with a moving sensibility.

I’m fortunate enough to have both a contemporary version and a small version of the original.  Admitedly the original is richer, deeper and generally superior, but the current formulation is nothing to shake a stick at either…  I wear both with great enjoyment.


Tonight is Mad Men.

I plan on drinking hot lemon water, wearing a Caudalie face mask (review on Monday) and just generally enjoying the last episode of a fantastic series.  I truly believe that television has been changed by this show.


I’m glad it’s spring.  It’s been raining lately and rain is one of my favorite things…  ever.  Spring is my favorite season. What’s your favorite season? Are you a lover of rain or of snow?  Sunshine?

So, as it rains outside, I’ll be wearing my cat eye glasses in preparation for the show.  And I hope that wherever you are, you’re having a nice end to your weekend too…

Until tomorrow.  🙂


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The current formulation of Eternity (Calvin Klein 1988) is airy, crisp but not what I remember from the original.  Matter of fact it almost stinks, although the drydown is better.   The newer version is made by Coty Prestige and smells a bit cheap with less depth.  I need to find an old bottle. I know this fragrance was over worn, but I liked it back in the day…

Top notes: sage, freesia, green notes, citruses, and mandarin orange.  Middle notes: violet, carnation, jasmine, lily, marigold, narcissus, rose, and lily-of-the-valley.  Base notes: heliotrope, musk, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. 

It’s funny how much certain things can take out of you.  I think I first felt that when I was a child and I realized how sad sadness actually feels.  And, at that age, emotions are new experiences – bright and poignant.

As adults we have to navigate so much.  Don’t we?  It’s hard to know if we’re making the right decision or not.  Really, really hard.

Someone said to me this week, in regard to a specific situation my husband and I are facing, “I think you just want someone to tell you what to do.”  But this lovely soul was mistaken (as she kindly heard me say)…  It’s not that I want to be told what to do.  It’s that I want to know what to do and if someone’s just telling you what to do, you don’t truly know.  At least, I don’t think so…  But, I do wish sometimes, that I had more information to work with.  So much of life seems to be about making educated guesses doesn’t it?

Ah well…

Until Sunday.

CK One

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When I smell Calvin Klein, CK One (Calvin Klein 1994) I faintly remember guys in oversized plaid flannel shirts with bowl cut hair wearing Doc Marten’s, and girls who vaguely resembled Winona Ryder with dark lipstick and piercings. And, as I write this I realize that those fashion trends have almost certainly come back in pieces since the 1990’s, but of course, I remember when they were new and original.  CK One was new and original then too.  Very new.  Very Modern.   And, almost everyone wore it.

It’s clean. Super clean.  The green tea note is strong and lovely, as are the citrus notes.  It also smells somewhat oceanic. It was marketed as a unisex fragrance (hence the name “One”) and I can see why.  It’s so clean and almost defiantly crisp that it’s really an olfactory concept without gender.  It smells like a fresh spring day, but with a pop of something elegant and bright.

I especially remember one young woman (who is now probably in her 40’s).  I was riding in the back seat of our family car, as we drove through a quaint local mainstreet, quietly staring out the window when I saw her with her friends. They were dressed in very daring, fashionable grunge attire and even though she was clearly pretty she looked unbelievably edgy (at least to me at that very young age). They were jumping on top of fire hydrants, probably smoking, causing a commotion and just generally getting in trouble and getting attention. And, seared in my mind is an image of her face, a face filled with a paradoxical mix of hope, sadness, and energetic anxiety. Ever since then I’ve always associated all ideas about Generation X with those kids and that young woman in particular. CK One fits in well with that crowd, I think…