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Chloé is a bright, earthy, green floral (Chloé 1975).  It’s complex, a bit heady and quite elegant in a late 70’s/early 80’s way.  And, with a warm base of cedar, benzoin, musk, sandalwood and amber with an airy oakmoss it’s an iconic fragrance.

Top notes: honeysuckle, orangle blossom, ylang-ylang, hyacinth, lilac, coconut, bergamot, aldeydes and peach.  Middle notes: jasmine, rose, narcissus, tuberose, orris root and carnation.  Base notes: oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar and benzoin

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been bad at posting regularly these last few months.  The move, combined with a lot of other stressful (some positive) things have been quite distracting.  I’m sorry if you’re a regular reader of the blog.

My last short story of the month was never completed…  I apologize for that if you were reading it.  I’ll post the last part this week.

After the end of the month, and the start of the new year I’ll be only posting on Saturdays of each week.  I’m not sure yet what will be included in my weekly post exactly, but I’ll definitely feature a review of one new fragrance…   More to come in the next few days.

Thank you so much for reading!!!  I hope you’re having a pleasant start to your week or end of your weekend.


Love Story

Chloé, Love Story (2014) starts off sharp and clean (soapy really) but with feminine florals in the waiting.  Although the neroli and orange blossom seem to be very present eventually, there’s also a note of jasmine from Madagascar (stephanotis).  And, while I have never actually smelled stephanotis before if Love Story is a good representation then I’m going to look for it again.

IMG_3661 (2)

Love Story is a little melancholy somehow, but also almost frighteningly beautiful.  I say frightening because it gives the impression of being fragile and ephemeral, although the scent has decent longevity actually…

In any case, this is not just a fling my friends.  Not even close. There are no sugary sweet notes or loud florals in this fragrance.  Love Story, by Chloé is all about deep, abiding romance.  And, it changes slightly in the drydown to a mellow, warm whisper of musky florals and wood – like a dew drenched forest.  It’s a brilliant fragrance.

IMG_3646 (2)

And today, I’ll just be reviewing one product – Tata Harper’s Beautifying Face Oil, but it’s a good one…  In the last week I’ve been exhausted more days than I’d like to count and I’ve been using this oil (dense, slightly fragranced) frequently.  Although I can’t say that it necessarily does wildly fantastic things with pores, or wrinkles, or anything of that sort, I can say that it does seem to make the skin a lot softer, and somehow less tired.  Hmm…  I wonder how.  It may be a certain dewiness? A glow? I don’t know, but it works and I may consider purchasing it in a regular bottle.  It’s actually one of the less expensive products in the Tata Harper line.

Then, there’s Lady Mary.  Oh dear Lady Mary.  Yes, I think your grandmother was right.  You have cracked a bit.  Maybe (Was she always like this?).  I think she might be avoiding something by being mean (aging, being alone, etc. etc.).

But Edith.  Dear Edith.  I hope she likes being a mom and forms a nice, close, healthy relationship with Marigold.  Poor Mrs. Drewe…

Yes, there was a lot of drama on last night’s Downton Abbey.  And, as I’m writing this I’m a bit too sleepy to fully dissect each delicious morsel. So, if I don’t update this post soon then suffice to say that I love, love this show again (As if there was any real threat to my loyalty. I mention it every week on this blog and watch each episode at least twice.).

Until Wednesday. 🙂

Chloé Narcisse

Since I started chronicling my growing fascination with scents on this blog, I have been longing to smell one of my all time favorite fragrances ever: Chloé Narcisse (Chloe 1992).  I have very fond memories of this perfume.  One of my aunts used to wear it while I was growing up and every time she visited us I remember having so much fun and being so very happy.  She was a breath of fresh air.  Once, as she was leaving she let me use some of her Chloé Narcisse scented hand lotion and I remember smelling my hands and feeling cheerful for hours after she left.  It still affects me that way – olfactory memories are potent.

Recently I purchased a tiny bottle of the stuff on eBay and after wearing it I’m quite sure I’ll be buying a larger bottle in the near future.  It’s just that absolutely lovely.  Besides, I recently read on a site that lists favorite fragrances of celebrities that Queen Elizabeth II favors Chloé Narcisse, and that just makes me love it more.

DSC07090 (2)

It’s warm, sweet, floral joy in a bottle.  Again, I really do love this perfume…

Time with the husband:


Husband’s outfit: vintage John Deere boots, Eddie Bauer men’s jeans, Old Navy shirt, vintage navy wool sweater vest, men’s Gap leather belt, glasses by Ray-Ban, scent: Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon’s




Have a nice rest of your weekend.  🙂

After a night out with the husband and several hours of wearing Chloé Narcisse.

After a night out with the husband and several hours of wearing Chloé Narcisse. 🙂