Vintage Canoé (Dana 1936) is one of those classic “men’s fragrances” that is actually quite genderless. The original scent is sublime with a brilliantly unique freshness. Musky, and perhaps a slight bit louder than not on the lemon it’s really a very blended concoction so it’s a little difficult to pick each note apart… I’ll have to look for the larger vintage bottle.  

Amber Saffron


Utterly crisp citrus (mandarin and bergamot) bursts into existence with a subtle artemisia and an extremely pretty saffron in the waiting in Amber Saffron (Clean Reserve 2016).  Woody, light and beautifully floral saffron laces amber and a quiet musk into the drydown.  And although this fragrance is fairly unisex it is definitely not a one size fits all…  I highly suspect that the notes mold themselves with particular aplomb based on the wearer…
Top notes: bergamot, artemisia and mandarin orange.  Middle notes: rose, lily and raspberry.  Base notes: musk, saffron and amber.

Raindrops On My Window:  Part II of IV

I couldn’t help but be excited by the thought of this mystery man driving me home.  He was so handsome and he smelled of leather and incense.  Walking down the marble floored, dark hallway to the main door by the stairwell I watched him from behind, looking up at his dark blond locks and broad shoulders that towered above Diana’s and mine.  Although, glancing over at Diana, I now realized how much of quandary I was in.  It certainly seemed as though they had some sort of shared romantic history and I didn’t want to interfere.

“Well, chum, this is where we part ways.” said Diana Grable in a low, suggestive tone. Diana’s chiseled face set a striking background for her show-stopping, vivid blue eyes. They sparkled and caught the gentleman’s own blue gems.   He paused and their figures faced each other under the imposing entryway’s wooden frame.  I stood silent as a mouse in the shadows watching until he turned his face to me with a half smile; the sort that men make when they mean to suggest something they wouldn’t dare even whisper at such a moment.

He and I walked together out the door, after we all said our goodbyes and the damp calm of the evening felt soft and pleasing.  I could smell the dahlias and wet grass mixed with rain. The crickets sounded quieter on this side of the house and there were no stars or moon.   It was pitch black except for the porch lights.

“I don’t think I ever heard your name.”  I tried to make polite conversation.

“Oh, yes, sorry.”  he responded, putting his hands in his pockets.  “My name is Tom.  My full name is Thomas Lawrence Walsh Jr..”

“Is Esme Walsh your sister?”

“Yes.  She’s younger than I am by two years.”

“I think I went to school with your sister.”

“In Boston?”

“Yes.  And one Summer I visited your house in Connecticut.”

He paused and looked quite sullen for a moment as he shuffled his feet in the grass.  Then he glanced up at the cloudy night sky.

“We sold our house in Connecticut last Winter after my father passed away.”

“Oh.  I’m sorry!”

He squinted at nothing in particular and then caught my eyes with his.  “Well, dad died of a heart attack in his sleep.  He didn’t feel a thing thankfully.”  Then, he moved forward after dropping his last word and together we silently approached his shiny black cabriolet, laced with drops of rain.

He opened my door in silence and I quietly slid into my seat.  Then he found his way to the driver’s seat, turned the car on and the lights gleamed into the darkness ahead.

We rode in silence for three blocks.  Three long blocks.

“It’s been so hot lately.  This air feels so nice and cool on my face.”

“Yes…”  His voice was polite but I could tell he wasn’t particularly interested.  “How long have you known Diana?”  He sounded very intrigued with the answer to this question.

“Oh, about two or three years I suppose. Why do you ask?”

“Diana is funny sort of girl isn’t she.”  he sounded exasperated, mirthful and then rested his head on his hand.  “I thought we were going to the movies tonight but she phoned me and canceled.”

“Diana is a very popular girl.  I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm.” I felt a bit disappointed, but not surprised.

“Oh she is.  Yes.  But a fellow starts to think he just shouldn’t bother asking after a while.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

“Do you ever wonder?  Do you ever wonder why life is so funny?  For example,”  he pauses and glances at me for a moment before proceeding, “I wanted to introduce myself to you at that party last year but I felt too nervous.  I went home early to study for an exam I had the next day and then three weeks later I met Diana at a dinner with my parents.  If I hadn’t been a coward,  and just walked up to you and said hello that night at the Kitson’s I wouldn’t ever have thought twice about Diana.  I know I wouldn’t have.”  He looked at me and absentmindedly licked his lips.

“Life is funny.  I agree.”

Then there was complete quiet between us except for the sound of the gravel hitting the car and the wind.  We reached an open field, and in the distance the lake could be seen through the dark tree limbs; big, cool, and foreboding.

“I’m sorry.  I’m boring you.”  He sounded genuinely sorry.

“No, you’re not boring me.”

“Well, I’m not exactly being charming company am I?”

“I think you’re very charming.”  I paused.  “Too bad there isn’t a moon out tonight.  This field is so pretty in the moonlight.”

He then looked at me quite seriously, analyzing me intently until he turned his face, earnestly stared ahead at the road, and straightened himself in his seat.  The car sped up considerably and we drove on for about a mile before we reached the bridge over by the bay.  With a sharp turn of the wheel we drove off the road into the tall grass.  He stopped, turned on the radio, and our eyes met for a second before he leaned over and kissed my face, finally reaching my mouth.  Then he stopped, moved back into his seat and smiled broadly.

“Gosh, that was wonderful!  You’re a beautiful girl.  You should never have to play second to anyone.  Not Diana or anyone.  I’m sorry I didn’t walk up to you that night and say, ‘Hello.  My name is Tom.’  I would have had the entire Spring and Summer with you if you’d have allowed it.”

“I can’t believe this is happening.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just… everything.” I was pleasantly overwhelmed.

“I can.  And how.”  Then he leaned over again and kissed me passionately.  I touched his arm, he moved me closer to him, and we kissed until I looked away.  He took my hands in his and we sat and just looked at each other for a few moments…

“What’s really funny is that you were at Diana’s house tonight, of all nights.  I had decided that if I didn’t find any reason to stay near home this Summer I would join the Navy.  This evening was my last attempt I had decided.  And then there you were sitting there with your sexy mouth, and those lovely, cavernous eyes.”  He grinned.

I demurred slightly and yet didn’t want to dissuade him entirely.   I played with the radio.

“I’ll bring you home now, if you like, but I’d like to see you again soon.”  He turned the car on and started to drive forward slowly.  “Would you like to see Esme again?  She’ll be in town this weekend and my mother is throwing a little party.  Just a few friends.  They’ll be a band but nothing big.”

“I’d like that a lot.”

“Fine.”  His face lightened and his freckles nearly glittered as a certain Celtic redness seemed to suddenly make his face almost glow.  It was then that I realized the depth and solemnity of his blossoming intentions.

“You’re very sure of yourself aren’t you?” I was in awe.

“Yes.   Or, so I’ve been told.”  He started the car and then met my hesitation with a wide, toothy expression.  “It often seems that even when I lose, I win anyway.” He winked and the car dashed forward and in a second we were on the road.







Warm Cotton

2015-06-15 12.06.10 (2)

Warm Cotton by Clean (Clean 2007) smells very… clean.  Intensely clean…  Matter of fact, on my skin it is overwhelming and makes me feel a bit ill.  On others I’m sure a certain elegance or some sort of freshness must emerge…  But, sea notes and I do not get along…

This fragrance reminds me a bit of Clean cotton by Yankee Candle Company but with the same sensibility of CK One perhaps…  Anyway, it’s yet again, another aptly named scent.

Top notes: citruses and lemon verbena.  Middle notes: fruits, orange blossom and sea notes.  Base notes: amber, musk and fern.


Sooo…  the lady who we were going to rent from met my husband and then told us she didn’t want to rent to us because of a “personality conflict.”  As much as my husband and I have our problems and don’t “click” I found it a bit ridiculous and incredibly flaky considering it was seemingly decided already…  But, I figure it’s good to have had problems with her now so we can avoid a catastrophe she could have caused in the future.  Bless her heart.  Still, it was/is a mess…

Soo…  Today will mostly consist of trying to find somewhere to live.  My husband starts work on Wednesday.

The sea is beautiful…  And last night, at the hotel, I had a really nice glass of red wine and a chocolate tart.  It was a pleasant way to end the night.  Although, it was funny, we ordered it rather late and something about the order (and the fact that my husband ordered it?) must have suggested that we were having a “sexy night out” because the staff, while absolutely charming, seemed to think we were about to “get busy” once the order arrived, or perhaps that it was foreplay, or something…  Their comments and the tone of their voices were laced with inneudo.  Seriously though, I thought it was a very optimistic and personable perspective on things on their part (that they even consider the personal lives of their guests and assumed that that’s why you’d order wine and chocolate) and it made me giggle because it was obviously so far from the truth… When the lady who brought the tart and wine up left she said in a hushed, suggestive tone, “Have a good night!”  It was a good night, but of course, not quite in the same way. 🙂

My husband had the giggles last night too.  At one point when he ordered the tart and wine for me he couldn’t get anyone on the phone so he called the front desk.  They answered and wondered if he had pressed the correct buttons.  My husband thought it might be hilarious if he tried pressing ALL the buttons on the phone, taking notes and then calling the front desk back with a full report.  🙂  How can you not want to rent to a man with that sense of humor?  🙂

Thanks for reading.


2015-01-17 15.32.18 (2)

Rain by Clean (Clean 2012) is a floral aquatic, and as such it smells a great deal like Davidoff, Cool Water – ozonic, very clean, bright, and slightly floral.  It does smell a bit like a rainy day, but only a warm rainy day, and on that rainy warm day you would have to be standing near rain drenched foliage to really come close to smelling anything resembling this scent.

Of all the notes listed, water lily and melon are the strongest.  Sillage is moderate and longevity is weak to moderate.

2015-02-19 19.03.35 (2)

I’ve always loved the milky, slightly floral fresh scent of L’Occitane moisturizers.  Matter of fact, most L’Occitane products smell perfect in my opinion, but I digress…  L’Occitane, Ultra Rich Cream smells lovely of course, applies like a dream and leaves my skin dewy, soft, with a lightly scented powdery smoothness. The effect seems to last a while too…   It’s not a moisturizer that wears away quickly, only to leave your skin drier than before.  I’m going to investigate the ingredients a bit more, but I may be purchasing this cream in the near future (on EWG’s website it’s listed as a 7 seemingly due to the fragrance – I’m going to investigate this further because I kinda love this moisturizer).

2015-04-16 17.35.04 (2)

After trying Creme de la Mer and being thoroughly impressed, I thought I should also sample the German formulation of Nivea Creme because I’ve heard it said that the two moisturizers are a lot alike and in some sources the claim has been made that German (has to be German) Nivea is actually better.  And, since the German Nivea is apparently paraben-free and, of course, much much less expensive (even to purchase online in the U.S.) than Creme de la Mer it was appealing. So I found two online sources and purchased Nivea Creme from Germany.

2015-04-16 17.35.24 (2)

Creamy thick German Nivea Creme

2015-04-16 17.35.55 (2)

I am so glad I tried this. Not only do Creme de la Mer and German Nivea Creme smell almost identical and have very similar consistencies they have very similar results, except I agree with some people’s assement that German Nivea works even better!  I honestly don’t see myself purchasing any other moisturizer ever again.  Ever. I know that sounds a bit silly, but my skin has never reacted so well to a product (I have sensitive skin) and I’m shocked by the low price.  This is it folks. You might not see me sampling many moisturizers for my face in the product reviews because frankly, I would miss how my skin looks from using German Nivea.  My skin is super soft, calm, almost totally blemish free (sincerely, it’s almost perfectly clear – not even the tiniest of anything), my fine lines are visibly diminished, my skin is glowing, it isn’t greasy, it absorbs very well and my pores are smaller and all for less than $20.00 per a tin with shipping (and it’s paraben-free)…   I’m impressed.

Until Wednesday.