Calyx begins with a sparkling fruit and citrus blend (Clinique 2013).  The honeyed mango, guava and papaya are fresh and succulent.  A bright, ebullient freesia is enshrined in a bouquet of other classic floral notes that are delicate without every being prim or cloying.  A warm but pleasingly sharp base adds depth and character to this watery, elegant remake of the 1987 Calyx by Prescriptives.

Top notes: grapefruit, mandarin, passion fruit, mango, guava, green leaves and papaya.   Middle notes: lily of the valley, freesia, neroli, lily, rose, marigold and jasmine.  Base notes: oak moss, sandalwood, orris and vetiver.

Nose: Sophia Grojsman

Aromatics Elixir

DSC00031 (2)

Warm, comforting, enchantingly green, a bit powdery and very balsamic, Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir is a unique floral-chypre (Clinique 1975).  It reminds me of a burning candle (the sort made totally of real beeswax), a glass of hot apple cider (although it’s not a fruity scent) and a good book.   Except, it’s also somehow clean and chic with citrus top notes.  It epitomizes the long haired, flowy, “natural” look of the 70’s combined with a certain timeless sensibility.

While many hate Aromatics Elixir (just check out a list of most hated fragrances online and you’ll be sure to find it) others find it enchanting.  I find it enchanting.  I think it all comes down to skin chemistry and personal taste…

For starters, I rarely have a problem with sillage (how much people can smell your perfume). In fact, my husband has often been known to rely on asking whether or not I’m wearing something unless I douse myself in scent or he’s right next to me. So, the strength some people detest about Aromatics Elixir works for me quite well – I don’t have to drown myself just to “wear” the perfume.  And, the sharpness, edge or medicinal quality of this fragrance seems more “elegant hippie” with my chemistry than organic cough syrup – I can smell the patchouli but it’s tempered by equally clear incense, wood and floral notes (especially rose).  There are some fragrances that are destroyed with my chemistry but I can wear this one and I enjoy it…  I feel like it’s something Farrah Fawcett (circa Charlie’s Angels) would have worn while skiing in the Swiss Alps.

Until later.


Happy 6 (4)

On Sunday my husband, son, mother and I went for a drive and saw some beautiful Fall color.  🙂    We all had a lot of fun.
Happy 4 (4)

We drove to a nearby river town with rolling hills, a well-preserved main street and lots of charming old private homes.  My son took some of his first steps there.  My mother commented on how fast time has gone since that first walk…

Happy 3 (3)

After our stroll outside we all went antiquing. We saw a pretty set of china, some interesting books for both children and adults, and I found a vintage dress for $7.00.  It appears to be from the 70’s…

Happy 8 (3)

Happy 13 (3)

I heard about the Bobbsey Twins growing up. I didn’t realize they were characters in a children’s book…

The dress for $7.00 right next to Scarlet O'Hara. :)

The dress for $7.00 right next to Scarlet O’Hara. 🙂

Happy 10 (3)

Jewelry! Sparkly and otherwise…

Happy 11 (3)

Such a pretty blue…

Happy 1 (3)

During our family outing I wore a cozy sweater with Happy, by Clinique (1997).  It reminds me of the best parts of high school and college, and it’s such a clean, uplifting scent.  I decided to buy a bottle a few years ago on Sephora and I haven’t regretted it. 🙂  Whenever I want to smell something familiar, cheerful and somewhat comforting I spray little of the floral, fruity fragrance on.

To end our day we decided to eat at a favorite 50’s themed diner.  They serve fairly wholesome food for a diner.  The homemade french fries are thick and satisfying and there are literally dozens of flavors of malts to try.  I had a wild cherry malt and next time I’ll try the dreamsicle variety.  My son had his first diner hamburger. He seemed pleased 🙂

Happy 14 (3)

Wild Cherry

Happy 17 (2)

Until Friday.  🙂

Johnny Mathis, Chances Are

The Everly Brothers, All I Have To Do Is Dream

The Flamingos, I Only Have Eyes For You

The Twilights, Sea of love

Bobby Darin, Beyond The Sea