This fall we have plans to host a dinner for old friends. One of the things I’ve collected over the years is vintage and antique plated silver. I just added this antique coffee pot/warmer this week and it’s fun to to polish it (this picture is of it half polished) and see the beauty unfold….

Darjeeling 1957

I’ve been a fan of coffee my whole life. My Norwegian grandmother gave me my first taste of coffee when I was just four years old in a watered-down version I drank out of one of her Fire King milk glass cups. They had swirls with a gold rim and she had a whole set….


My husband is a coffee connoisseur. He even goes so far as to carefully roast his own beans. His favorite beans to roast are Arabica from either Ethiopia or Kenya. They apparently have a particularly bold flavor. Whenever we go on a vacation anywhere he likes to research and try the local coffee shops. Today,…