I guess Ikea stuff is actually really great – it is cheap, but decent quality with stylish design. So, the title of my post is a little silly… The thing is, it took my husband about three hours to put together a simple bookshelf with doors (Hemnes) and he’s a pretty clever, nifty sort of guy.  Anyway, given that this Ikea project happened at night, when we were both already tired, I call it a bit monstrous.

2014-09-19 21.28.25-1 (2)

2014-09-19 21.28.36 (2)

2014-09-19 20.42.29 (2)

Fervently putting it together

2014-09-19 21.28.19 (2)

Half finished Hemnes

But, it happened. It’s done. My dear husband did it – he put it together, and now, we have a bookshelf with doors from Ikea nailed to our wall.

2014-09-20 19.15.37 (2)

We also moved yesterday, Saturday, to our new place completely, so that’s nice. Although, we have to go back and clean our old place now, so I suppose we haven’t completely moved… But almost.

2014-09-17 18.42.32 (2)

I wore an old blouse, from New York & Co, with contemporary retro 90’s jean shorts from the Gap to move (even if they’re somewhat in style 1990’s “mom jeans” still feel frumpy to me). It was decent enough overall for moving purposes, but last night, at 3:30 am, when I was still glamorously wearing it, I tried holding our son, who had decided to wake-up and have a conversation. I was attempting to help him fall asleep again so we could also get some rest. Apparently my blouse was not having it. It was terribly uncomfortable… Really…  Pulling this way and that…  So, I had my husband take our son, I got a new shirt, and in a fit of tired frustration I literally ripped the blouse off my body. I did. I broke off buttons and ripped fabric. It was wonderful. I’m not usually a savage with garments, but this just felt right. And, after it was said and done I only had the tiniest bit of remorse. I hate wasting things, even worn out old blouses…

I also wore Navy originally by Cover Girl (debuted in 1990), now made by Dana.  I found an old, yellowed plastic box (I remember clear plastic boxes or stripped ones) on e-Bay. It was one of my favorite and first fragrances as a girl. I put it on my Christmas wish list in the early 1990’s. I was so inspired by it that I also asked for a navy and white stripped comforter for my bed to match the box…  It just seemed so classic and pretty to me then, and smelling it again, I still think so. My loyalty to it was temporarily interrupted as I wore it too often as a child, and was painfully teased for wearing this perfume, or really any perfume, by my elementary school peers, but now it’s in my collection again. For a drugstore perfume it’s marvelous, but I suppose I should stop saying, “for a drugstore perfume” because so often classic “drugstore perfumes” are delightful

2014-09-21 11.14.36 (3) 2014-09-21 11.15.01-1 (2)2014-09-21 11.37.00 (3)

So, our son, well, he finds anything that runs on electricity and either makes noises or lights up fascinating and has had a long standing particular interest in vacuum cleaners, dishwashers (he uses open dishwashers to practice climbing) and computers. In our new place, he now knows how to open the dishwasher and when we try to lock it shut, he just starts it instead. So, that should be interesting… But on the bright side, I’m glad he’s a curious guy, and he’s pretty awesome, and we love him, and we now have things nailed to the walls, so

2014-09-17 10.49.47 (2)

Oh, I found out that there’s an already established blog with a similar title to this one with a similar theme. So, I’m changing the name of this blog. I’ll wait a while so that anyone reading it gets a chance to read this.

Until Wednesday…

2014-09-20 19.14.53 (2)

Sunset at the new place.