They finished sizing and appraising my emerald ring. It’s perfect! And as I predicted we saved money (over a thousand) finding the setting ourselves. My natural (and untreated) emerald in an 18k (white gold) restored vintage (possibly close to antique) Art Deco setting. Yay! I love it!


My husband went into our jeweler with one of my rings today for a sizing of the now mostly completed emerald and white gold ring. The jeweler decided on a size 5 and that was that. My husband models my new ring on his pinky finger at the jeweler for the camera. I’m extremely excited […]


A diamond? Nope. A sapphire. Honestly, why do I even try to evolve from my original ideas? I just find myself back where I started. Yesterday I had an appointment at my dentist and the hygienist asked about my grandmother’s ring. I’ve been wearing it since about October of last year, at least, because of […]

Green And Gold

The center emerald is mine from before (a natural Columbian emerald) and the other two are natural aa to aaa (the one on the left is aaa) emeralds like my original stone. My husband chose the one on the left yesterday at our jeweler (as pictured). They’re all around a half a carat or so. […]

An Emerald Ring Continued

My husband is off to our jeweler on Monday to pick out a slightly smaller emerald for my vintage/antique 1920’s/30’s (Art Deco) white gold setting. Smaller than the loose emerald I have. The jeweler is just waiting for the emeralds to arrive for my husband to choose from. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever my […]

Will I?

So, today has been weird. For example, I’m now in possession of an antique wooden door I accidentally bought at auction that I have no idea how to integrate into my house. So, I have a lovely door just sort of hanging out almost meaninglessly in my garage now. It’s not too odd but it’s […]

Pink and Mint

I really, really do love gemstones. Last night I actually spent hours just perusing jewelry stores online for fun. Like I wrote once on this blog a while ago, I thought very seriously about being a gemologist in my late 20’s. My speciality would have been diamond grading. When I first started collecting gems I […]

An Emerald (Part II.)

My loose emerald tried to escape today. We brought my Columbian emerald and the vintage/antique white gold setting into our jeweler to be sized, set and appraised, etc. and before we even got out of the car it almost disappeared. I had placed the setting and the stone in an old ring box we got […]


Earlier this year my husband gave me this sterling silver charm bracelet for Mother’s Day from Tiffany & Co.. It has a special engraving (not shown). I’m thinking these loose stones (I have others but these will be for charms) will be perfect charms. I’ll make one every once and a while to commemorate memories. […]

An Emerald

It’s been a very mixed week. But, one of the pleasant things was an auction I participated in where I won a 1920’s or 30’s (they listed it as antique but I suspect it’s almost an antique or just barely one) ladies white gold ring setting. It could have been someone’s engagement ring so the […]