I started searching for the perfect handbag a few years ago. Growing up I never was that fascinated by them… Although, in the suburb I grew up in luxury handbags were ubiquitous. And I saw relatives wear them. It’s not as if I had never seen them before. And now, as I’ve written too often, […]

Alligator Handbags

About two years ago I purchased this late 1960’s (genuine) alligator handbag from an estate sale. Working as an antique dealer occasionally allows me to find fashionable little treasures. The receipt inside is what really caught my attention though, when I examined it. Given inflation this handbag would now be priced at around $650. (new […]

Will I?

So, today has been weird. For example, I’m now in possession of an antique wooden door I accidentally bought at auction that I have no idea how to integrate into my house. So, I have a lovely door just sort of hanging out almost meaninglessly in my garage now. It’s not too odd but it’s […]


Have you ever planned something carefully and then had your mother suggest something otherwise? And instead of feeling angry you felt relieved? Mum knows best. Tonight I was told firmly that the Hermès Sac Dalvy is “my bag” by my mum. She knows that I like the Gucci Dionysus but…she also knows me. I am […]


My husband is a coffee connoisseur. He even goes so far as to carefully roast his own beans. His favorite beans to roast are Arabica from either Ethiopia or Kenya. They apparently have a particularly bold flavor. Whenever we go on a vacation anywhere he likes to research and try the local coffee shops. Today, […]


Last night, after chatting with my husband over a (decaf) espresso from one of our favorite coffee shops, I told him again how much I love aquamarines. And he agreed that they are indeed very lovely… I think he’s in shock that I no longer want a sapphire though. I’ve been planning on using that […]