2015-03-21 14.38.01Given its name I was expecitng Chiky (Jalle 1940) to be a perfume “inspired” by Guerlain’s masterpiece, Jicky.  And, while it does resemble Jicky with its florals and leather, Chiky has a lot more in common with Lanvin, Scandal.  It’s is a bit soapier, more rugged and perhaps a little rough around the edges compared to the Lanvin beauty but they are very similar.

So, after finding that at least one Jalle fragrance appears to possibly be an old fashioned knock off, I’m now questioning what Tru, my other Jalle perfume, may have been “inspired” by.  I really liked Tru, and I bet I would love the perfume it is imitating.  What names of vintage perfumes sound at least vaguely similar to Tru?  Or perhaps I should just use the notes I gathered from Tru and search on that basis.  More on this later…

2015-03-29 12.48.35 (2)

I had to reconstitute both Tru and Chiky and was pleased with the results.  I am a firm believer that old fragrances, like a lot of old things, were made to last and can potentially still be used.

2015-03-29 12.49.23 (2)

“French imported essence blended in the U.S.A.”

I truly think that spring is my favorite time of year.  Sure, it’s snowing, and raining and then snowing again (at least where I currently live) but there’s always that freshness in the air no matter what the weather is doing.  And, there’s something about the transition between winter and summer that always feels hopeful and exciting.

As I’m sure you’ve read a million times on my blog, this spring has been a busy one and this week was very busy in particular.  Next week will be even more busy.   But, just like spring, our hectic life has a lot of potential attached to it.  And, I’m really looking forward to this summer.

Until Sunday.


2015-03-21 14.38.07

I found this bottle of Tru, which was introduced by Jalle in 1940, at an antique store with another bottle of perfume by Jalle called Chiky (also from 1940).  It’s very hard to find much of anything about this pefume maker or their fragrances (a common occurence on this blog), so I was forced (again) to do my best to pick apart notes in analysing this scent.

I smell a lot of spicy warmth, some sweetness and a few florals.  I think, after doing research that there are notes of violet, clove, cinnamon, styrax, jasmine, incense, tonka bean, castoreum, musk, and perhaps civet.  There may also be a bit of rose and amber although I’m less certain about those notes.

Tru reminds me of the smell from a wood burning fireplace on a cool day.  It’s beautiful, rich and very mysterious. There’s even something almost sad about Tru, by Jalle – I can’t imagine wearing it for anything festive, except perhaps around Christmas.   And, the drydown is almost, for lack of a better word, epic in its depth and intensity.  I may have to search passionately for more Tru at some point.

2015-03-26 18.12.27 (2)

Here’s my opened and reconstituted bottle of Tru.

In order to smell this Jalle gem, I had to first pry open the bottle (took a bit of doing) and then add a few drops of perfumer’s alcohol to the thick contents.  And, even though I hated breaking the seal that’s likely been there for about 70 years or more, it was a delight to experience Tru.

I think taking a bit of time to reconstitute Tru and Chiky was necessary this week.  We’ve been busy, as per always, and it felt good to do something quiet and intriguing…

Lastly, on a very serious note, while there are, of course, many sad and deeply troubling events around the globe everyday, I would like to acknowledge the airline tragedy this week and say that I am praying for the families of and those with ties to the victims.  I know a good portion of my readers are from European countries affected by this startling and horrific situation and my deepest condolences go out to everyone involved.

Until Sunday.