Shanghai (Lenthéric 1911 and 1936) is a sweet, beautifully powdery citrus at the opening. But there’s also a spicy, herbal quality. Neroli is glazed. Lavender and rose are very cheerful. And a gentle, amber tinged styrax plays very well with the aldehydes. Intriguingly it’s almost too sweet for a hot summer day but only almost…

Tiara Bouquet

Tiara by Lenthéric (Lenthéric 1913) starts with a fresh, moving green floral burst and then proceeds to warm into a powdery, floral charm.   It smells a little soapy too.   Tiara is a vintage scent, but it’s not heavy or terribly unaccessible…   The crispness of this fragrance is particularly pleasant, especially in warmer weather….

Men’s After Shave Lotion

Not much can be found about Lenthéric, Men’s After Shave Lotion, but I did manage to find a few things here and there.  It appears to at least date back to the 1930’s and to have been most popular Mid-Century. It’s an intriguing scent.  Our vintage bottle still does actually moisturize, and the smell is intact too….


Bouquet Lenthéric, Miracle (Lenthéric 1924) is a sweet, precious sort of scent with gentle flowers, and vibrant aldehydes. It’s a fairly unknown gem.  There’s a hint of very early 1900’s carnation, citrus and herbal notes with with a powdery, aldehydic Art Deco edge.  It’s a unique combination of both unassuming demure elegance and bright, shiny…

Lenthéric Tweed, 1933

Tweed, introduced by Lenthéric in 1933, is woody scent with a lot of vibrant citrus.  In fact, it reminds me of Echt Kölnisch Wasser no. 4711 (Muelhens, 1792) in that it’s a very clean, vintage fragrance.  However, while no. 4711 is overwhelmingly fresh, Tweed tends to be more powdery and feminine, especially in the dry down – a bit like Shalimar….