White Sandalwood

(Nest 2013) Notes: australian sandalwood, white sandalwood, spices, white musk and almond. 

White Sandalwood

A particularly confident note of almond asserts itself in the beginning of White Sandalwood (Nest 2013).   It’s surrounded by comely notes of spice, a manly cool musk, and a gentle, but clear sandalwood.   As White Sandalwood continues it takes on a cold, peppery, vanillic, and beautifully smoky persona that feels worldly and knowing….


The fresh, watery and bright mood of current fragrances, Indigo by Nest  (Nest 2014) similarly to other current fragrances is very fresh, sweet and clean smelling, but… it has a depth perhaps provided by the notes of cashmere wood and Moroccan tea that’s mysterious and intriguing. It’s one of the few recent fragrances I’d be likely to…

Midnight Fleur

Midnight Fleur (Nest 2012) is a sugar sweet floral.  However, at first Midnight Fleur is more than just a “sugar bomb,” with the pretty and vivacious notes of vanilla orchid, exotic woods and black amber.  It’s like tropical fruit at its peak – ripe, fragrant, and colorful. Sadly though, by the late drydown the sweetness…