White Sandalwood


A particularly confident note of almond asserts itself in the beginning of White Sandalwood (Nest 2013).   It’s surrounded by comely notes of spice, a manly cool musk, and a gentle, but clear sandalwood.   As White Sandalwood continues it takes on a cold, peppery, vanillic, and beautifully smoky persona that feels worldly and knowing.   And while this fragrance is primarily marketed to men I think anyone with good taste a bit of an edge could wear it well…

Notes: almond, white musk, spices, white sandalwood, and Australian sandalwood. 



The fresh, watery and bright mood of current fragrances, Indigo by Nest  (Nest 2014) similarly to other current fragrances is very fresh, sweet and clean smelling, but… it has a depth perhaps provided by the notes of cashmere wood and Moroccan tea that’s mysterious and intriguing. It’s one of the few recent fragrances I’d be likely to purchase a full bottle of…

Top notes: wild figs, and bergamot.  Middle notes: Moroccan tea, and cardamom.  Base notes: Cashmere wood.  


Midnight Fleur

2015-03-29 12.52.52 (2)

Midnight Fleur (Nest 2012) is a sugar sweet floral.  However, at first Midnight Fleur is more than just a “sugar bomb,” with the pretty and vivacious notes of vanilla orchid, exotic woods and black amber.  It’s like tropical fruit at its peak – ripe, fragrant, and colorful.

DSC00015 (3)

Top note is jasmine. Middle notes are vanilla orchid and exotic woods. Base notes are patchouli and black amber..

Sadly though, by the late drydown the sweetness becomes a bit overpowering with my chemistry and it goes the same way as Gloria Vanderbilt, Gloria Vanderbilt – it smells like an expensive mixture of Play-Doh and maple syrup.  I may try to wear Midnight Fleur with a green scent or a vintage balsamic fragrance and see what happens.

DSC01655 (2)

I received a sample of Make Up For Ever, Smoky Extravagant Mascara, and Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural No. 9 from Sephora a few months back.  The Smoky Extravagant Mascara is average.  It didn’t make my lashes that much longer, more defined or thicker but it didn’t flake either.  It’s an intense black and sadly it didn’t compliment my coloring (warm brown eyes, neutral skin, and cool/neutral blond hair) all that well.   I’m not sure if it was too black or the wrong black (too warm or cool).  In any case, it was only a so so mascara.

Rouge Artist Natural No. 9 is not drying.  It doesn’t run.  It’s easy to apply and feels good on the lips (it smells pleasant too).  However, No. 9 is an awful and I mean awful color for me so I’m definitely not going to be ordering it.  No. 9 is extremely close to my natural coloring but it’s off just enough in a way that makes my face look pale and dirty.  It’s bad. And, frankly, while it’s a creamy, semi-moisturizing formula it isn’t any more rich or luxurious than an average drugstore lipstick (in my opinion). So, perhaps, for all its merits, Rouge Artist Natural No. 9 is something you want to try first if possible.

DSC01657 (2)

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural No. 9 swatch

DSC01649 (2)

Beauty Without Cruelty, Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is great.  It’s a fairly safe product to use and it works just as well, if not better, than many other makeup removers I’ve tried – it really removes makeup well.  And, it doesn’t leave behind any oily nonsense either (as it says on the bottle).  BWC Eye Makeup Remover just feels nice on the skin.  I will definitely repurchase this product.