L’Air du Temps

DSC07396 (2)Remember when I found this vintage (1960’s) bottle of L’Air du Temps (released by Nina Ricci in 1948) at an estate gallery for $8.00?  It was a great deal – the bottle is a pretty vintage and the old formulation is still very much in tact.

I just wish I actually liked L’Air du Temps…  😦  As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I do not like carnations, and this fragrance is dominated by carnation.

But, I’m still thankful for my bottle, of course. The soft, heavenly, floral notes with spice definitely are elegant and speak of an older time in perfumery when scents were more powerful, arresting yet not overdone.  Again, even though my bottle (by Lalique) isn’t the typical one with the doves, it is pretty.

I’m thankful for a great many other things as well, and I’m praying that by this Thursday, Thanksgiving, my son will be fever-free and feeling much better.  We were in the er again last night…  This has been a rough week for us.

On a related note, (and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US), I need to add that having a son has taught me (especially lately), the true extent of our control (as I’ve mentioned before).  Yes, there are a great many things we are accountable for, and can control, but there is so much that is beyond us...  For each moment that things are at least fairly good or blessed in some way a million little and big things had to be in place, and it’s almost a miracle that anyone is ever happy or “ok” at all…  Life, as we know it, is such a precarious, wild, chaotic experience.  Some people seem to be especially “lucky” and others don’t seem to have much “luck” at all, and then there are trillions of places in between…  So, again for every day or week, or month that goes by where my son is healthy, and smiling or content and safe I try to be thankful and realize that those moments have to be cherished.

And to carry it further, my life has always had at least moments of  ordinary happiness, regardless of how much darkness there also was – not the sort that are grand or “fantastic” in the traditional sense at all, but the kind where you look into the sky and see snow falling and realize how beautiful that is and how lucky you are to just be there, able to take notice of that. Millions and millions of things have to be in place…

This Thanksgiving, despite the fact that most people suffer much too much in this world, I’m thankful that most people also are able to see something beautiful at least on occasion…  And, despite how sappy, or however “beauty contestant” this sounds, I pray, to God (in my faith Jesus), that you will have more of those precious moments this coming year (and in the near future too) that remind you of just how nice life can actually be. 🙂