Light Blue


I think the name Light Blue (Dolce and Gabbana 2001) is perfect.  Even though the Sicilian lemon is certainly noticeable and citrus is much more associated with the color yellow than blue, even that seems blue…  Very blue…  in Light Blue.  And it’s bright.  And iconic.

One of my closest friends in my early 20’s wore this as her signature and it suited her beautifully.  She was blond, very bubbly, trendy and basically a total extrovert.  On her, Light Blue smelled like Spring. The classic base notes became elegant and perfect for the sparkling florals and the youthful, very of the moment, note of bamboo.

And even though that was years ago…  every time I smell Light Blue I feel the same optimism, thrill and beauty of that age…

Top notes: apple, cedar, Sicilian lemon and Bellflower.  Middle notes:  white rose, bamboo and jasmine.  Base notes: cedar, musk and amber.

Nose: Olivier Cresp