Infusion D’Iris

Of course the iris in Infusion d’Iris (Prada 2007) is almost profound, but an honorable mention must go to the various notes of orange. The citrus in this scent is so welcome and pretty. And then you can’t describe Infusion d’Iris without appreciating the warm-incense, balsamic, and vanillic-smoky base notes. But, it’s necessary to say…

Prada Candy L’Eau 

Prada Candy L’Eau (Prada 2013) opens with sugary, ephemeral citrus beauty lacing a delicate but definite sweet pea. The base is plush and vanillic with gourmand, musky notes. But, to be certain, this is the sharpest and perhaps even most melancholy of these bubbly and bright fragrances.

Prada Candy Kiss 

A study in elegant, sweet musk, Prada Candy Kiss (Prada 2016) is remiscent of a gourmet confection but it’s also fresh and surprisingly delicate. And the orange flower and vanilla are anything but generic. I don’t usually favor new fragrances as much as old but this may be one of a few exceptions.

Prada Candy Florale 

Punchy and sweet limoncello sorbet makes way for an elegant but pungent peony in Prada Candy Florale (Prada 2014).  Then the Candy coated loveliness of honeyed musk and caramel layers over the other notes creating this delightful concoction.


Cheap, harsh and um…  tacky, are not particularly positive ways to describe a fragrance, but alas, they perfectly suit the smell I emit when I wear Prada Candy. I’m sure some people waft a scent of gourmand, delicious delight when they wear this perfume based on all the raving reviews it receives on Fragrantica, but…