I was overwhelmed when I first tested Fracas (Robert Piguet 1948)… The gardenia note is wild. It reminds me slightly of the gardenia in Tuvaché, Jungle Gardenia, which is by far the most bold gardenia note I’ve ever encountered. However, I also noted a luscious lilac, quiet bergamot, direct tuberose, quiet (by comparison) jasmine, noteable orange blossom and spicy sandalwood that felt like the period at the end of a sentence. The musk is also rather intense at first… However, after this scent has had a chance to breathe a warmth and pretty floral balance emerges. It’s almost like a sort of fresh carnation and lily salad… It’s perfect for a summer day or night. 
Top notes: hyacinth, peach, orange blossom, green leaves, mandarin, and bergamot.  Middle notes: rose geranium, rose, carnation, violet root, tuberose, white iris, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, osmsnthus, narcissus and gardenia.  Base notes: cedar, oakmoss, vetiver, musk, amber and sandalwood.  

Nose: Germaine Cellier 


2015-10-04 17.23.06

Baghari (Robert Piguet 1950) is bold, sensuous neroli, iris, bergamot and aldehydes in the opening. Baghari is embracing and sultry.  And, in the drydown musk and eventually a clear vintage vetiver is found. It’s a very memorable fragrance….

Top notes are aldehydes, bergamot and neroli; middle notes are bulgarian rose, jasmine, iris and violet; base notes are amber, vanilla, musk and vetiver.

It was a particularly busy day yesterday…   We’re getting ready to leave on Sunday and there’s been a few errands to run, things to organize, clean etc. before we go.  I feel a mixture of both calmness and exhilaration admist the sadness I’ve already mentioned (hopefully not too often).  And, meanwhile, our son is growing by leaps and bounds everyday…  Tonight will hopefully be a time to wander around St. Paul a bit before we go.

Until later…  🙂