Crystal Noir


Warm, sweet and inviting Crystal Noir (Versace 2004) is a luscious modern floral with an unexpectedly seductive, and charming edginess.  Similar to Bright Crystal in its watery, sharpness (peony) Crystal Noir is also rather uplifting and almost hopeful…  Although the sensuality of this scent fits the name, it’s not to be confused with a somber or sad noir.

Quite quite pretty….

Top notes: ginger, cardamom, and pepper.  Middle notes: coconut, peony, African orange flower, and gardenia.  Base notes: musk, amber and sandalwood.  

Later today I’m going to post photos of my outfit.  I’ll be attempting something as close to my natural inclinations as possible.  🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

Ok…  So here’s my best attempt at a full length selfie.  I don’t have a mirror here that’s big enough yet so I improvised and used my reflection in a sliding glass door…

And, turns out, upon further investigation I discovered that I actually do have a decent amount of “classic” clothes in my wardrobe but I’ve been wearing them all wrong, I think.  Anyway, here are two photos of what I wore:

image image

Bright Crystal

2015-02-19 19.19.34 (2)

Versace, Bright Crystal (Versace 2006) is a burst of fruity floral crispness and then a sweet progression to the finish.  It’s strong and sharp.  There’s a faint musky sensuality to this scent too, although it lurks in the background instead of being  front and center.  It’s watery and somewhat pleasant…  Very 2000’s.

Top notes: pomegranate, yuzu and frosted accord.  Middle notes: peony, lotus and magnolia.  Base notes: amber, musk and red woods. 

2015-01-17 15.34.15 (2)

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is intriguing.  It’s dark if you layer it, but when you first apply it it’s more like a darkish lip stain or tinted moisturizer.   I suppose that’s why it’s called “Almost Lipstick.”   But, at any rate, it’s a nice product.  It’s not as present and thick on the lips as a lipstick though, of course, so if you are indeed looking for a lipstick this isn’t the route to go.  It’s not terribly drying either…  thankfully.

Wow.   I am so tired today…  I’m sorry this post is up late.  It was a long weekend and today I have a stress headache.    It was a nice weekend, but our son was up a lot at night and we’ve just been busy…


Sorry if this post is not that great.  Ha!

Have a nice rest of your day, dear reader.  🙂

Yellow Diamond

DSC01771 (2)

Versace Yellow Diamond (Versace 2011) truly does remind me of a near perfect yellow diamond – yellow warmth shining through glistening sharp edges of stone.  It also reminds me of a really good glass of pinot grigio for some reason…  It’s a very becoming fragrance in my estimation.

DSC01768 (2) DSC01769 (2)

Top notes: Pear sorbet, amalfi lemon, bergamot, and neroli.

Middle notes: African orange flower, water lily, freesia and mimosa.

Base notes: guaiac wood, amber and musk.

Perhaps this sheer, bright yellow beam would be more appropriate for summer, but the amalfi lemon (love this fragrance note) bergamot, pear, amber and musk somehow makes it seem fine for a cold January day too. It’s a very versatile perfume.

After having my hair highlighted and trimmed this weekend (shown below – like I said I would so I wouldn’t do anything foolish to my hair) I thought I should be extra nice to my strands and use my sample of Alterna, Caviar Anti Aging Replenishing Moisture Milk Leave-in Conditioning Spray.  It’s silky, and it goes a long way, but surprisingly it doesn’t weigh down even my hair which is quite fine.  It also really does seem to moisturize and protect the hair, although other than that I’m not sure what exactly is “anti aging” about this product…  In any case, it does seem to work as a good leave-in conditioner.

DSC01651 (2)

IMG_3444 (2)

IMG_3446 (2)

Lately I’ve also been using Grow Stronger by Essie.   I love Essie in general (a fairly safe product with great colors) and this base is fantastic.  It stays on the nail for days without chipping, it works as the perfect base (especially with Essie colors) but it also can be used alone.  It may or may not actually strengthen the nails in the long-term, I’m not sure yet.  We’ll see.  I’m hopeful.

DSC01654 (2)

And of course, I can’t write a post today without discussing Downton Abbey…

So, I can’t stand the character Sarah Bunting. I feel horrible for Lord Grantham and I cannot wait for her to depart and hopefully never return again.  I’m pretty sure she’s leaving.  If she marries Tom it will be almost as bad as the death of Matthew in my opinion.  She’s smug, conceited and…  I’ll stop there.

Umm…  poor Thomas?  I have a really bad feeling about his supposed treatment. (but how could one not)

So…  was Lord Gillingham going to be ok?  I mean, he is a man after all, and I suppose men can’t be hurt by women with sex because they’re immune from such things (please note sarcasm) but he was a little bit scary after Mary broke the news…  I hope Mary figures out what exactly she’s supposed to be doing to soften the blow, as Charles suggested. Poor Lord Gillingham.  (I’m serious)

And dear Edith.  I hope something good happens next week for her.  It’s about time

Her mother seems to be using the affections of a certain “traveling salesman” to brighten her life a little. I wonder how that will end?


Until Wednesday.  🙂