L’Aimant (Repost)

Coty’s classic scent, L’Aimant (Coty 1927) is a rich, powdery masterpiece.  I think because it’s a “drugstore fragrance” it can sometimes be perceived poorly, but every time I smell L’Aimant (the vintage in particular) on my skin I am reminded of its wonders.  There’s a sweetness, depth, warmth and almost wholesomeness in L’Aimant that isContinue reading “L’Aimant (Repost)”

Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)

I suppose I’m not supposed to wear Chanel no. 5 in the middle of the week, for no particular reason, but I am.  I’m wearing it on a Wednesday, and I’m not going anywhere “special.”  And I say, why not?  I do see the virtue in saving special things for special occasions, but sometimes specialContinue reading “Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)”

Arpège (Repost)

Tired! After a long week, I brought out the epsom salts and Bayer and then doused myself in vintage Arpège by Lanvin (Lanvin 1927). It might seem odd to use perfume when you already have a headache, and perhaps it was foolish, but I figured if I could just find the right scent it mightContinue reading “Arpège (Repost)”