When People Play Pretend

Final thoughts for the day? Don’t play pretend.

If you’re trying to relate to someone very different than you? Don’t pretend to be like them or to like them as a person if neither are true. That’s pushy, dishonest, and disrespectful. And over time you’ll either put your foot in your mouth or they will. It’s a recipe for hurt feelings or righteous rage or both.

…The thing is…I’m not a liar. *sigh* I’m not sure what else to say… Especially when some people are. People are. They do… People lie. More than I’d like to think.

If I was a male ghost and my soulmate was alive and I’d done something to allow people to spread heinous lies about me I’d feel ripped apart every time she cried. Because…first, I wasn’t there to comfort her and second I had no way to at least defend myself easily. For example, if she even knew I existed people could make it seem like I’d destroy her and despise her and neglect her and use her and laugh and spit on her grave while stealing her very soul with my full, unvarnished, beloved approval. Jealous, weak-minded, soddy, soggy, milk-toast-and-tea wannabe bitches could make her feel like her face or body or mind or very soul…was ugly or…inferior to their’s because… Well, I wouldn’t be able to tell her why. Would I? I’d be dead.

Maybe…it’s because I had the. best. sex. ever. with them in a past life?!?! We made mad, passionate, mind-blowing love. All day. All night. All week… All the days of our lives. …I mean…maybe we rocked each other’s worlds baby! *breathless and overwhelmed by hot love* Or maybe it’s because they’re infinitely more worldly, or kind, or powerful, or empowering or empowered…than my silly, silly soulmate. *laugh*. My umm…soulmate. ? Twin flame? Twin? Soulmate? What’s it called now?


Yeah… But I wouldn’t be able to say a peep. So…how would God see all of that?! Hmm? Hmm… You should ask Him sometime. Right?! *wink* *wink* Hubba hubba!! *wink*

Please, honey. *eye-roll* Please. …We all have our own brains. And nobody will ever have mine but me. And if that’s too gruesome for evil, rock-throwing, gross, despicable assholes to handle then they best stop reading. Just a sweet, loving, gentle, fun little reminder kiddos.