Vera Wang

2015-03-09 12.23.51 (2)Since I’ll be attending a family wedding today (my mother’s side), I thought it appropriate to wear Vera Wang, Vera Wang (Vera Wang 2002).  Vera Wang is a floral, fresh, watery fragrance.  It’s tremendously elegant, with strong floral notes of gardenia, lily and lotus.  It has excellent longevity and moderate sillage.  I think this fragrance could easily be worn by a bride or, really, anyone attending a wedding…  It’s a lovely scent.

Notes of: iris, sandalwood, lily, gardenia, mandarin orange, rose, lotus, bergamot, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley.


Last night I had a very pleasant dinner with my husband’s father and grandparents.  They were all visiting us from out of town and will be leaving tomorrow (the wedding and their visit were unrelated).  During the dinner conversation my husband’s grandmother and I discussed what her favorite perfume was.  She couldn’t quite remember since she hasn’t worn perfume in years but I’m excited to find out.  She’s a stunning woman with excellent taste and it would be fun to know what she wore…  My vote is for some Chanel, something by Estée Lauder, or perhaps some Dior.  We’ll see.  She said she would look when she went home.

I just hope I fit into the dress today that I have planned to wear…   With everything going on this week I haven’t been running much and I’ve certainly not been strict with my diet.  Oops.

I also hope you’re having a pleasant weekend. 🙂