Emeraude (Repost)

In French, émeraude means emerald. I love emeralds. Emerald cut diamonds are gorgeous, and emerald cut emeralds are just beyond… Emerald, or Emeraude is the perfect name for the classic fragrance, created in 1921, by Coty.  It’s a very Art Deco fragrance, with citrus top notes and basenotes of benzoin and opoponax.  And, similarly to theContinue reading “Emeraude (Repost)”

Norell, 1968 (Repost)

I purchased Norell online without having any idea what it would smell like.  It was part of a grouping of vintage fragrances being sold on eBay.   I knew it was somewhat popular with people who either were around when it was first used, or with people who like classic older scents. Well, I finallyContinue reading “Norell, 1968 (Repost)”