So, I really don’t necessarily know where to take this blog. I feel like there’s an incredible amount of animosity out there, at the current second, directed towards bloggers who discuss their personal life and their feelings consistently and I think I’ll share a bit here and there going forward, but not as much. I […]

Green And Gold

The center emerald is mine from before (a natural Columbian emerald) and the other two are natural aa to aaa (the one on the left is aaa) emeralds like my original stone. My husband chose the one on the left yesterday at our jeweler (as pictured). They’re all around a half a carat or so. […]


Lately, after discovering Grown Alchemist, I have developed a desire to smell roses. GA uses a lot of roses in its products and you find yourself wanting more. I love everything I purchased from them, by the way. The brightening serum is superb! It has already made a difference in the few days I’ve used […]

Starting Over

I’ve been advised to start this blog over. Instead of dissecting perfume as my primary focus I’ll muse about whatever comes to mind. Occasionally I may discuss fragrance but mostly I’ll just write about my random thoughts. First, did you know I adore the English? Ha! I bet, if you’ve read this blog before or […]