Lenthéric Tweed, 1933 (Repost)

Tweed, introduced by Lenthéric in 1933, is woody scent with a lot of vibrant citrus.  It reminds me of Echt Kölnisch Wasser no. 4711 (Muelhens, 1792) in that it’s a very clean, vintage fragrance.  However, while no. 4711 is overwhelmingly fresh, Tweed tends to be more powdery and feminine, especially in the dry down – a bit like Shalimar. Based onContinue reading “Lenthéric Tweed, 1933 (Repost)”

Devon Violets (Repost)

Devon Violets by Lowndes Pateman, made in Devon, England likely debuted in the early 1920’s (I can’t find an exact date) but the aldehydic violets are crisp, authentic and beautiful. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting Choward’s Violet Mint Candies (also from the 1920’s) Devon Violets is very similar, only obviously not asContinue reading “Devon Violets (Repost)”