The Gucci Jackie And Other Enigmas

So, I’ve written that I’m going to sell or give away my black ostrich Gucci Jackie. And until today, I was sure of it. But then I wore it because it was a hot day and it felt cooler than plastic canvas next to my skin, but more fun than my leather Kate Spade. I…

Dinner Recipe 1

(I love my vintage Fostoria water goblets) This evening I made one of my favorite dinners: Salmon and asparagus. Now, that’s baked salmon and roasted asparagus, mind you. Here’s the recipe in case you’re interested: Simple Baked Salmon Ingredients: A whole salmon fillet (the better the quality the better…obviously) Sea salt Black pepper (A Tbsp….

Reupholstery and Wine

A while ago I bought two late 1960’s/early 1970’s Queen Anne chairs at auction. Their shape is fabulous but their fabric is…slightly hideous. We recently bought a rather large vintage velvet sofa that’s a fairly pretty apricot color from an antique store and that piece can be mostly left alone. But, the chairs need help….