Charlie (Repost)

Thick, rich aldehydes surrounded by earthy flowers (particularily galbanum, jasmine, geranium and lily) comprise the iconic Charlie (Revlon 1973).  Bold, big and somewhat unisex, Charlie asserts its presence. In the drydown sandalwood and musk are heavy notes with a lot of sound.  Vetiver is also clear and luminous.  Charlie is not a faint hearted fragrance.Continue reading “Charlie (Repost)”

Brisket (Potential Trigger Warning for Vegans/Vegetarians)

My husband’s father was raised Jewish and my husband’s mother was raised Catholic. His mother’s ancestry is less than fully known but my husband is certain that his mother had an Italian side to her family and that the rest were possibly Czech or German or both. But regardless, on his father’s side they wereContinue reading “Brisket (Potential Trigger Warning for Vegans/Vegetarians)”