The Things You Don’t See (personal post)

I really don’t share everything. And I often hesitate to share what I do. For example, I’ve hesitated to share that my maternal grandfather went to Juilliard and UCLA. He was definitely brilliant. Nobody in the family really disagrees about that. But, among his kids there are differing accounts about his credentials. Pretty much everyoneContinue reading “The Things You Don’t See (personal post)”

Curious Questions And A Crass Response (Repost)

Update from 2020: I’m reposting this ugly moment in my blogging history to grieve many things about the past few years. For one, I’m grieving that I put up with people’s bullshit for as long as I did online. I’m also grieving how much I was taken advantage of. But I’m mostly trying to forgiveContinue reading “Curious Questions And A Crass Response (Repost)”