English Lavender

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Compared to Potter and Moore English Lavender, Yardley English Lavender (Yardley 1873) is not as crisp, and with much less emphasis on citrus.  It’s still refreshing but where I envision Potter and Moore’s lavender bouquet being suitable for a warm day outdoors, Yardley’s seems much more suitable for the indoors.  Matter of fact, it almost has the scent of old books (Clary sage, musk and bergamot? Or is it the geranium?)…

Eucalyptus adds an herbal edge, and the tonka bean mixes with all the notes to almost hint at the smell of pipe tobacco. But, of course, in the midst of all the unhurried and tasteful notes is the almost incandescent lavender.  It’s dewy and youthful but with a seriousness and reserve.

Truly though, despite its innate youtfulness, I think Yardley, English Lavender could be worn by a man or a woman; both young and old.  It’s a lovely, timeless scent…

Top notes: rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and bergamot.  Middle notes: clary sage, cedar and geranium.  Base notes: tonka bean, musk and oakmoss.

I hope whoever read my first “story of the month” enjoyed it a little, despite the many edits I missed and the fact that it’s my first attempt at a short story in a long time.  I’m currently working on two novels and writing a short story is good for me.  It helps me realize my weaknesses as a writer and, best case scenario, gives me a chance to improve.  Thank you again for reading.  Hopefully next month’s story will be better.  🙂   I’ll edit each part much more vigorously before each post.

Tomorrow is Friday…  Wow this month is going by fast.  Again…

Have a pleasant rest of your day.

April Violets

2015-03-03 09.52.44 (2)April Violets (Yardley 1913) is a bit like Choward’s Violet Mints or Devon Violets in its clear violet note but with a certain green woody tinge it could almost be described as a chypre.  There’s an elegant complexity at first to this slightly sweet retro violet.  It’s very pretty.

But then, with notes of pelargonium, jasmine, vanilla and musk it alters itself from demure to an edgy, Art Nouveau ghost. I found that this fragrance almost became creepy.  It reminded me of exploring an attic in an old Edwardian mansion.  At first, it’s just old and dusty but enjoyable, but then something about all the uncovered boxes and shuffled things changes the feeling of the place and as the sun starts to go down and shadows fill the room everything starts to look sort of menacing.   Vintage Yardley April Violets is like if a Toulouse-Lautrec painting were to actually come to life – colorful and mesmorizing but totally phantasmagoric when brought out of context.   Some fragrances from the past seem “old ladyish” to people but this one is more like a haunted house.  Yet, it’s still quite lovely…

2015-03-03 09.52.32 (2)

And speaking of things feeling eerie, I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I totally get the idea.  I mean, things do repeat themselves in our world with an intensity…

Life loops over and over into itself.  That is sort of a theme of existence I think.  The same thing happens over and over again until… we learn?  Or until we let go?  Or what?  We just keep falling down and getting up again as a species.  And on a personal level it’s more tangible, and at times excruciating.

And then there’s those moments, especially when you’re young when it feels like you might escape the ugly rhythm and just be able, if you try hard enough, to move forward.  It seems like you can grasp the best and it will just keep leading somewhere, and then somewhere else and you’ll find yourself where you want to be…

In my life it’s been a mixture.  At times I feel like I’ve conquered obstacles and found my way out of the circle, and other times it seems that I just get stuck in the mess.

And, like I said last time, the ideal is so beautifully ideal.  And by ideal, I mean the things you dream about as kid.  I mean the stuff that strikes you as most beautiful about this world before all of the suffering and the chaos and the nonsense of life gets to you.

As F. Scott Fitzgerald ended The Great Gatsby, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Can my boat please move forward now though?  Ha…  Anyway, I promise to be less cryptic eventually.  I promise.

Until Friday.  🙂

Red Roses

Last night I had a delectable Valentine’s Day dinner with my husband.  🙂  We ate at a local mansion from the late 1800’s that has been turned into a restaurant.  We sat in the second-floor parlor next to a large corner cabinet and a fireplace.

IMG_3687 (2)

Other couples out for a tasty dinner.

IMG_3688 (2)I tried out a few new products I’ll be reviewing tomorrow, but I also wore a vintage pair of black heels, a black vintage velvet purse (1930’s to 50’s?) and a ruby and white sapphire heart-shaped necklace I received from my husband when I was pregnant with our son.  I wasn’t sure which perfume to choose, but I found myself gravitating towards a bottle of Mid-Century Emeraude.  I was delighted to find that all the top notes were intact, but there was also a great deal of depth.  Now that I know what vintage Emeraude is capable of smelling like (I already thought it was gorgeous) I can see why many mourn the old versions given the current formulation – the new formulation has absolutely nothing on older Emeraude…

2015-02-15 11.05.06 (2)

Last night I had a glass of Cabernet with the fourth course (a spicy steak dish) during dinner and later a gimlet with Hendricks Gin.  Both were excellent and considering I haven’t had any alcoholic beverages for about three years because of being pregnant and then breast-feeding (we’ve been tapering off recently) they were particularily enjoyable. There are many delicious things to enjoy in this world, but a good glass of red wine or a classic drink served with a pleasing gin is a treat.

It was also just fantastic to go on a date with my husband.  I haven’t been out with him on an actual date in months…

Anyway, today I’m wearing Red Roses by Yardley (1930).  Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I’m sure there are red roses roaming about today it seemed appropriate…

2015-02-15 11.11.43 (2)

Red Roses starts out strong with a floral burst that isn’t singularly rose, but there’s a strong rose note that becomes progressively more dominant as the fragrance continues on the skin.  It’s a sweet scent at first, and by sweet I mean almost a candylike sweet.  It reminds me of Valentine’s Day actually.  If candy hearts, roses and a few other floral notes (perhaps lily-of-the-valley?) could be combined in a slightly powdery vintage mix then it would be the start of Yardley, Red Roses.  In the drydown, however, the rose fades slightly into the background and a musky, elegant, much less sweet, sensuous retro fragrance arrives (heavy on the powdery).  The sillage is moderate to slightly strong and the longetivity is moderate.

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