Gardénia (Repost)

2015-02-15 11.47.46 (2)

In 1925 Chanel debuted Gardénia, and in the 1980’s Chanel reformulated Gardénia and debuted it again. Now it’s a part of the Les Exclusifs de Chanel. And, really, considering how long Gardénia has been available its impeccable charm and clear, airy, yet dashingly romantic persona, I truly have no idea how I never managed to behold this masterpiece.  My first thought when I smelled my wrists, taking in all the delights of Gardénia was, “Where have you been my whole life?” This fragrance is a bit breathtaking.

It’s luscious, fruity gardenia and while some say that Gardénia (Chanel 1925) is not really a gardenia scent in the purist sense, I either disagree or just don’t care (I’m not sure which actually).   I mean, it’s a classic Chanel (with all of the inherent elegance, grace and excellence) interpretation of gardenia and I hardly see that as problematic…

IMG_3685 (2)

On Valentine’s Day I wore red nails.  I considered wearing red lipstick, but I knew I didn’t want to do both nails and lips, and I was more in the mood for red nails…  So, I wore Dior nail color, Rouge 999.  I was not disappointed.  The color was perfect. I think it would be for almost any occasion. And, there was a nice subtle shine.  

All I needed was one coat, it was fairly easy to apply, and it dried fast but there were no visible lines (even in places I messed up slightly).  The only problem was that it didn’t last as long as I would have liked (about a day and a half), but nail polish never lasts on me so I didn’t find that particularly surprising or concerning.

2015-02-15 11.43.56

I love this gloss (I wore it on Valentine’s Day too)!  Dior Addict Gloss in Angèlique is thick but not too thick, a bit hydrating and a great color – it compliments everything I’ve paired it with nicely.  It’s subtle, and I’m sadly not sure whether to classify this slightly nude/beige/apricot/pink as a neutral or a bit on the warm side, but either way it seems like it might work well for a myriad of complexions.  Application is a delight, the packaging is pretty and really there’s nothing bad I can say about this one…  I’ve found a new favorite gloss.

2015-02-15 11.44.53 A Dior Addict Angèlique swatch is on my wrist and Dior Rouge 999 is on my nails.

And, I’m sorry, if you noticed, that this post is so late…  I think it really was a combination of exhaustion, laziness and several distracting events in my day today that prevented this from arriving earlier.

Anyway, I did, of course, watch “Downton Abbey” last night.  I’m still trying to figure out what is up with Lady Mary. She seems so cold as of late.  But I’m relieved to see that Thomas is finally connecting more with the world around him, Daisy is thriving, and Edith’s life seems a bit less tragic.

There are so many controversial/precarious romances this season too.  I’m looking forward to watching that all play out. 🙂

Tatiana (Repost)

2015-08-22 09.55.45-1Tatiana by (Diane von Furstenberg 1975) is a largely indolic orange blossom, tuberose and gardenia fragrance in the beginning with the decidedly heaviest emphasis placed on orange blossom.  Tatiana is a very green, soft, feminine scent. It smells a little like what would perhaps be an olfactory representation of crushed velvet.

Tatiana is intense but reserved.  It’s sensual but without pretense and very “1970’s.”

Top notes: bergamot, hyacinth and orange blossom.  Middle notes: gardenia, jasmine, narcissus, rose and tuberose. Base notes: amber, musk and sandalwood.

🙂  I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

Vol De Nuit (II) (Repost)

For most of the day I had a bad headache, and was exhausted, but somehow, by this evening things improved… I found An Affair to Remember on television, a few other sparkling old movies, and by the time our small New Year’s Eve party started I was feeling quite nice.

It didn’t hurt that I got to wear a pretty new pair of earrings my husband gave me either.  🙂

2014-12-31 19.25.23

I have to say though, that I noticed the Vol De Nuit I had drenched myself in sadly fading sooner than I had hoped. I read on Bois De Jasmin, (click here) that the newer formulation is quite different from the old and it makes me want to find a way to get my hands on some vintage Vol De Nuit…

So, I feel like I should make a list of resolutions for 2015…


Other than the usual healthy resolutions (drink more water, eat better, lose weight, floss more, blah blah…) I can only think of three…

1.  Brush up on my foreign language skills and try “learning” a few new languages

2.  Pray more

3.  Finish the book I’ve started writing

🙂  We’ll see how those work out…  What resolutions did you make?  Have you ever kept your resolutions an entire year before?  If you have, how did you do it?  Seriously.  Any tips?

P.S.  Tonight, we tried serving blinis with caviar, but ironically, it was my son who ate most of the caviar (instead of the adults).  People just kept giving it to him and by the end of the evening his face was covered in caviar. Maybe I should check and see if his skin looks more luminous in the morning.  So many cosmetics claim to use caviar as an ingredient…  😉

2014-12-31 20.52.47

Vol De Nuit (I) (Repost)

2014-12-30 17.52.21 (2)

Created by Jacques Guerlain, launched in 1933, the name Vol De Nuit, or Night Flying in English, was inspired by the romantic Antoine Saint Exupery novel Night Flight.  The eau de parfum bottle currently has a relief of an aircraft propeller (Guerlain 1933).

2014-12-30 17.50.41-1 (2)

2014-12-30 17.49.25 (2)

2014-12-30 17.51.28 (2)

When I first tried Guerlain, Vol De Nuit I was surprised by how green it was since, in my experience, most 1930’s scents aren’t very “green.” However, even though it’s “green” Vol De Nuit does have a certain Art Deco, harmonious, lush “Guerlainade” quality.  This Guerlain classic is powdery, slightly but pleasingly sweet and towards the beginning of the drydown it reminds me of the spicy wonder found in Rochas Femme.

Vol De Nuit is a masterpiece in fact.  I enjoy wearing it immensely.  And, tonight, for New Year’s Eve, it will certainly be applied with a heavy hand…

2014-12-30 17.49.59-2 (2)

I’ll be writing this post in two parts. So, more to come…

Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)

DSC07072 (2)

I suppose I’m not supposed to wear Chanel no. 5 in the middle of the week, for no particular reason, but I am.  I’m wearing it on a Wednesday, and I’m not going anywhere “special.”  And I say, why not?  I do see the virtue in saving special things for special occasions, but sometimes special things can be nice during non-special days, and of course many would argue, as would I, that every day is valuable and special in it’s own way…


It’s floral, powdery and it fizzes madly.  It’s a gem.  I love Chanel no. 5 (Chanel 1921).

DSC07063 (2)

Today I wore the vintage cologne version, although recently I did happen to wear the edp and, of course, it had significantly stronger sillage…  Actually, many suggest  (as does Fragrantica) that there is a great difference between the cologne, eau de toilette, and eau de parfum beyond just the variance in strength.  I wonder how that could be…  I need to do more research.

I’ve been reading a lot of perfume blogs recently and I’m hoping to find some good books.  I’ve shared a link or two to other perfume blogs already, and if I find a good book I’ll share that too.  I’m sure there are many…

What else?

Well, I’m tired, as usual…  So is my husband.  I can’t say how my son feels for certain, but I’m guessing he’s not particularly tired. 🙂  Mom and dad need to work on not staying up so late after he goes to bed.  It’s hard not to though – it’s so nice to see my husband and even watch television with him.

Thing is, in general, we try to find ways to be healthy, outside of getting enough sleep (need to work on that) but, honestly, I feel as though my diet recently has been lacking a certain zip.  I mean I think it’s great to have the occasional treat (as in other posts) and, again, we do try to eat pretty well, but…  eh…   Something tells me we could do better.

I don’t want to go vegan, gluten-free, paleo or even vegetarian yet.  I totally respect all those options, but they’re not for me right now.  I do think we need to eat more fresh foods, protein and complex carbs though.

Meal planning?  Maybe that’s the ticket… I think I’ll try that.  I’ll just spray loads of this Chanel cologne on and then try to come up with delicious ideas.  That should work. Right?  I’m sure that the Aldehydes and other notes of Jasmine, Vetiver and Rose should bring some zest to my gastronomical imagination.

We’ll see.  Until Friday.

DSC07061 (2)

Amazone (Repost)

I was determined to make a meal plan for the coming week this weekend.  Thankfully, I found a great timesaving shortcut in the Whole Foods Market weekly menu planning guide.  We based our entire week’s groceries on the current guide.   It was interesting.  We bought nutritional yeast for the first time and the majority of our purchases were fresh vegetables.  We’ll see how it turns out…  I’m kind of excited.

On our way to the grocery store we had a lot of fun when we stopped by a great local antique mall.  We were fortunate enough to have a particularly helpful antique dealer guiding our shopping who knew where all the great bottles and boxes of perfumes were in the store.  I was thrilled about a delightful miniature grandfather clock with perfume inside by George Button, called Gala Night (Bouton 1928) and a vintage box and bottle of Chanel no. 5 Extrait, but my husband was most taken by a cologne called Fuzzly…   🙂

DSC07459 (2)

DSC07460 (2) Fuzzly Cologne

DSC07462 (2)

DSC07464 (3)

During our adventures I wore vintage Amazone, by Hermès (Hermès 1974).

DSC07442 (2)

I can’t say that I favor the green floral perfumes launched in the 1970’s other than Chanel no. 19, but I actually really like vintage Amazone.  There’s something distinctly pretty and timeless about this green scent.  Although, I’m noticing that I tend to like fragrances like Amazone with notes of Galbanum, Narcissus, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Orris Root, Raspberry and Iris.  I also love all the Hermès perfumes, and really anything Hermès in general (it’s hard not to), so along with Amazone I wore an Hermès silk scarf.

vintage Confidents Des Coeurs, Hermès Vintage Confidents Des Coeurs, Hermès

DSC07424 (3)

DSC07429 (3)

DSC07432 (2)

DSC07434 (2)

DSC07439 (2)

DSC07443 (2) Reiss black jacket – Confidents Des Coeurs silk Hermès scarf – Oatmeal Old Navy knit shirt – Banana Republic skinny jeans – vintage 1960’s leather shoes


It’s supposed to snow today.  I wonder how much we’ll get…  🙂

Until Wednesday…

(Hermès scarf tying is fun…)

Brooks Brothers

My trench

I’m now a devoted Brooks Brothers fan. I love how they’re helping in the current pandemic. I love their history. I love their style. I love my new trench. It’s perfect.

Sadly, my handbag is taking a while to arrive. It seems to be stuck in transit between the UK and the US. Possibly it’ll arrive soon.

Anyway, here’s a trench I promised at least.

Keep trying to take care of yourself.

Salut de Schiaparelli (Repost)

my Salut de Schiaparelli eau de parfum, presumably, from 1939 Salut de Schiaparelli eau de parfum, from 1939

Salut de Schiaparelli was launched by Schiaparelli in 1934.  It was supposedly intended for young women but like many children’s shows, there are themes clearly intended for a more mature audience.

Salut (Schiaparelli 1934) is intoxicatingly attractive, although I wouldn’t call it a warm or enveloping fragrance. Instead it is reigned by an earthy yet urbane lily-of-the-valley (a more sophisticated and green Muguet Des Bois lily-of-the-valley) surrounded by a mysterious darkness.  An ad from 1939 claims that, “…a whole flower garden emerges from white petals set against a blue satin background.”  However, again, to my nose the “blue satin background” is more of a dense, slightly dangerous, but lovely and almost inviting, dark, damp fog.  I’m not usually a fan of lily-of-the-valley perfumes, but this one is complex and quite ingratiating.

2014-12-26 14.37.39 (2)

Eventually during the drydown the strong lily-of-the-valley merges with the darkness (or blue satin) and the overall effect becomes very light, bright and almost angelic.  It keeps becoming softer as time progresses.

Not much can be found about Salut online, it was supposedly discontinued after only twenty years on the market (in 1954), but according to a website devoted to Schiaparelli perfumes, they believe the top notes are: aldehydes, citrus, citronella, geranium and possibly hyssop.  Middle notes are: lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli, gardenia, narcissus, hyacinth, and tuberose.  And, base notes are: sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver, and benzoin. I think I can also detect rose, musk, bergamot and maybe even a little of opoponax…

“S” for Schiaparelli

Given the stressful nature of this week for me, there was something nice about the somewhat somber, but very pretty lily-of-the-valley meets late Art Deco aldehydic sophistication in Salut.  I hope this weekend provides a further respite from it all…

Ambush (Repost)

We “walked through” our new place today. It was a quick visit, but tonight we’ll be able to put down rugs and probably put up shelves and pictures and that, of course, will take longer.

walk through

Today I wore a stripped navy and white dress from Old Navy, leather sandals from Cole Haan, and a denim jacket from Etsy. For jewelry, I added a vintage locket that once was my grandmother’s and I painted my toes “for the twill of it,” by Essie. The vintage perfume I picked today, was Ambush, (1955) by Dana.

Cole Haan  locket 2

locket 1


Ambush, pictured below in the hot pink plastic, vintage bottle, is a paradoxical fragrance, in my opinion. It’s both heavy and soft at the same time. It has this powdery, sweet innocence, especially at first, but then, as the dry-down continues it becomes complex and assertive, leaving the softness in the shadows. I’ve never had a scent change so much from mellow to bold on me before, and I can’t think that it’s just my chemistry. It’s not a straightforward perfume, but it’s interesting to wear. Perhaps the sudden shift from soft to assertive is why it’s called Ambush? Probably not, but maybe. 😉

Ambush 1 Ambush 2

I had my son with me today so I had to improvise when taking photos. I took several in the bathroom, and the one below was one of the only photos that turned out. Ha!


I like our new place, but it will be very different from our previous abode. It’s a very modern loft. In our old apartment we had a lot of antiques, and some of them were less than safe for our son, who is now climbing on top of things. Combined with the modern aesthetic of the new apartment and safety issues, we’re trying to sell a lot of our stuff. Although, we might not.

Speaking of European things, and on a more serious note, umm, yeah, Scotland… So, tomorrow, they will, as you likely know, be voting on whether or not to secede from the UK. I sincerely hope they resoundingly vote no. In my estimation, and many others, it will be absolute trouble for the Scottish economy if they leave, and the traditionalist anglophile in me is saddened and horrified at the thought of a 300 year old union ending… Furthermore, I doubt the repercussions for UK, in general, will be positive, and as someone who would like to someday live in London, that is, of course, not a good thing at all…

We shall see…

locket 3

Bayou d’Amour (Repost)

2014-12-30 18.11.24According to the description for Bayou d’Amour on Hové’s website this fragrance is, “An exotic blend of floral notes dominated by notes of the luscious fruit, mango.”  I did smell mango, but I also think I detected banana and it was very unique and really beautiful.  I’ve never smelled a banana perfume before…

In the drydown, which is warm and lovely, I believe I smelled musk, possibly civet (possibly) and tonka bean.  Although, I can’t find a list of fragrance notes so I’m not sure, of course.

Bayou d’Amour is an elegant, Deep South, sweet, fruity floral that is romantic, tropical and slightly evasive.  Hové Parfumeur never ceases to amaze and delight me with the originality and allure of their fragrances (sillage and longevity are decent too).  Everything I’ve tried is so New Orleans, and in the nicest way.  I truly hope I am able to visit Hové someday.

Now for some reviews…
2015-03-05 12.42.13

Caudalie, Make-Up Remover, Cleansing Water is just one of many new cleansing waters that I’ve wondered about recently since I feel like I see them everywhere – Instagram, other blogs, Pinterest, etc.  A lot of people seem to really like cleansing waters and a good portion of people really like Caudalie, however, this blogger was not so excited about her experience with Caudalie Cleansing Water.  No, indeed.  I actually think it might have caused pimples…  And, I don’t believe it cleansed my skin any better than just plain water.  So, sorry Caudalie, I really wanted to like this product, but I did not…

2015-02-19 19.02.49 (2)And, I didn’t like Ilike, Grape Stem Cell Solutions Polishing Scrub either.  It may have made my skin slightly softer but the exfoliating bits were quite coarse and I worry that they were cutting my skin (I’ve read that that can happen with certain facial scrubs).  I didn’t notice much genuine exfoliation either, and actually I needed to exfoliate again.  It also had a slightly unpleasant odor that reminded me of the smell of a bottle of conditioner that has been sitting in the shower for too long (I assume I’m not the only one who’s semi-forgotten about a bottle of conditioner for months and months).  So, anyway, sorry folks.

Well, I hope your Monday is starting nicely, or finishing well, or what have you.  🙂  Until Wednesday…