I won’t tell you the artists I love best. If you’ve read my blog for long enough you know why.

Jazz to me is a safe place mentally. It’s music I listen to when I don’t want to be bothered by the ugliness of our fallen human nature. It’s music I listen to when I don’t want to be reminded of how badly some people understand a great many things. It’s music I listen to when I want to feel hopeful.

That being said, have you heard of Jelly Roll Morton? His work and life is so…untouchable I’m not too worried about sharing his name. Listen to Jelly Roll Morton to get to the heart of jazz.

Sure his music was played at brothels in the 1920’s. But that’s the sort of raw jazz he created and part of what makes him so great as an artist. He was real. He was troubled. He was…brilliant. Give him a listen if you haven’t already.

Creed Aventus for Her

I used to think Creed was a little too predictable and I didn’t want to buy what everyone else was buying. But…then I decided to try Fleurissimo a few years ago and gradually they’ve become one of my most loved perfume houses. I now have full bottles of Fleurissimo, Spring Flower and Aventus for Her.

I’ve tried a decent number of their other fragrances. Not enough but more than several.

I think what amazes me about Creed is their ability to make what could easily become bourgeois and pretentious fragrances into ethereal, genius creations. Furthermore, I don’t tend to like the gender opposite version of most classic or popular fragrances all that much, but Aventus for Her is one of those rare exceptions when I not only like it but love it. If Chanel La Pausa wasn’t my signature I’d make it Aventus for Her.

Lilac, styrax, rose, pink pepper, musk, black currant, lemon and green apple all made it into this gorgeous scent. Those are some of my favorite notes. But it’s Creed so none of the notes feel cheap, off or miscalculated. It’s a delightful chypre. Absolutely wonderful.

I was given Aventus for Her by my mom last Christmas, which makes it even more special.