Black Orchid


Gummy, fruity, sensual velvety notes makes Black Orchid (Tom Ford 2006) a rich, super sweet, oriental powerhouse.  While not a powerhouse in a 1980’s, constant bordering on olfactory overload sort of way, it certainly comes close…  A persistent balsam and sugar coated vanilla are the finishing touches on a rich, decadent swirl of chocolate sprinkles notes.

To some, within the last decade since it debuted, it’s become a staple in their fragrance wardrobe.  To others it’s simply heavy and headache inducing…

I’m somewhere inbetween.

Top notes:  French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant and citrus.  Middle notes: black orchid.  Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, dark chocolate, incense, amber, vetiver, vanilla and balsam.

Oud Wood

IMG_3626Tom Ford, Oud Wood (Tom Ford 2007) is one of the richest, most striking scents I’ve tried recently.  It’s quite modern, but the wood notes (oud) and spice transcend any given period.  It has a dramatic presentation from start to finish with the strong but sleek oud coming first and then a very warm, ever so slighly powdery finish.  I cannot say that I’ve ever smelled anything similar and it has certainly increased my interest in oud.


I was shocked by how much I liked this mask.  It’s very thin and flexible but it produces somewhat dramatic results.  My pores were smaller, my skin was brighter and my fine lines were greatly diminished.  The only concern I really have with this mask is cleaning it off – it left a small ring behind when I washed it off (this stuff is potent). However, I think my concern is a rather minor one.


This is another great product.  Tarte, Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush is a fairly natural product and it seems to be skin friendly too (sometimes those two qualities actually don’t coincide, of course).  The color (Fearless) was perfect for me (skin light with warm tones, medium brown eyes and blond hair), it was very easy to apply, blended well and this little sample lasted quite a while.  The next time I buy a blush I may consider this one…

Anyway, I’ll be back to my “book of the week” this week and etc.  It’s going to be a busy week, but at least the weather will be improving and it will be wonderful to be outside…  And, come to think of it, I hope I find time to read considering the high likelihood that I’ll find myself trying to be outdoors.

Hmmm.  I shall see.

Until Wednesday.