Why I Won’t Discuss Personal Things Anymore On My Blog

Here are a few reasons I won’t be ever sharing personal matters on my blog or on Instagram again:

1. Some people get jealous – very insecure and competitive…for reasons that are both understandable and not. And, there’s no effective way to make them stop and go away (other than cloistering yourself or leaving).

2. Some people have a hard time not projecting their own prejudices and preconceived ideas into tone and intent.

3. Others don’t often actually care but are nosey and waiting for you to do something that’ll make them feel better about themselves.

4. If people do become emotionally involved it’s often to compare your life, choices, experiences, money, brains, etc. to theirs. They just want to find another way to pick themselves apart or to pick you apart to make themselves feel better.

5. Most people don’t read everything you write but skim through it and so miss important points. (I do understand that people are busy but it’s still frustrating, especially if they become irrationally angry because they misunderstood.)

6. People don’t see innocence or vulnerability unless they’re another good person or a bully. It’s not worth it to take the chances.

7. A lot of people aren’t capable of understanding things that have deep meaning, deep emotion or they lack empathy.

8. It’s often boring to other people to talk about yourself.

9. I actually like privacy but was naive enough to think if I reached out people would reach back (meaning open up and connect positively) online. Nope! Not many at all for me through blogging and not enough to make me keep going with it on Instagram anymore (Instagram has changed for the worse). Although, again, very thankfully on Instagram there was a truly positive and lovely overall community that used to and still sort of exists…

10. And again (I’m restating things here) a lot of people don’t have much humility, overestimate themselves in almost every area and will be incapable of being truly empathetic or self aware enough to handle what they’ve read. They’ll just find a way to validate their worst views of you and their highest opinions of themselves. Or they’ll just go straight to their other tendency of self-loathing and self-focus and forget you said you had problems too.

So, that’s why we can’t have nice things kids. (Like being open and “getting real” online) This will be my last personal post ever. Sorry.


So, the point of my last few personal posts (that I’ve since permanently taken down) was likely either lost on most people (save for a precious few) or they were too angry to want to understand.   And, it’s just sad to me.

I had previously enjoyed being open and sharing a lot on here and on Instagram but it seems the world is too full of selfish, emotionally immature, unstable, poorly educated and/or bitter fools to do so.  I took down a lot of personal stuff because I’ve realized it isn’t safe to be so open with people.   A lot of people just see demons and think I’m possessed where I intended the shadow of tree…and that’s all that ever was there.  Or they see someone they want to make a victim.

It should be safe though. It should be safe to embrace who you are online. People should be able to see goodness or good motives – to see someone as a unique individual and not just project their own issues on them. And, while I refuse to be intimated or bullied by the psychologically and emotionally manipulative with a chip on their shoulder, I get unbelievably tired of being misunderstood.  Perhaps some things are too complicated to easily address on a blog but in any case, something had to change.

Actually though, humorously and ironically, I’m starting to wonder if I should become an actual real snob (what I’ve been accused of). And I could. Easily.

Of course, I did call myself a snob and I can be what some people might loosely consider snobby but I shouldn’t have called myself one because I’m really not a snob.  I’ll explain what I really did mean by saying that about myself in a moment, but first I have to clarify something else.

Some people who are insecure and threatened have tried to make my gifts, blessings, abilities and heart seem lowly, non-existent or crude.  I tend to upset people who don’t genuinely like themselves and they lash out.

And, if I did become a real snob, as I was accused of being, it would have very little to do with the things a recent hater intriguingly highlighted. For example, the rings I own versus those belonging to someone else would have almost nothing to do with it (that wasn’t the point or snotty obsession of one of my posts as one of my haters suggested, and it wasn’t that hard to see that if you read the piece with honesty and without a vendetta. 😖😓). It wouldn’t have much to do with my possibly noble English ancestry and grandfather’s definitely old Southern family (My mother’s maiden name, by the way, is the one with a potential coat of arms historically associated with it, and there’s certainly a church that was built in the US because of them, and etc. and therefore it’s not fair or honest to label it some meaningless and distant thing – I’m sorry some people skim much too much, don’t understand certain things and/or assume too much.).  I could do things because of my ancestry like join the Daughters of the American Revolution (I’ve seriously considered it) or possibly have my grandfather’s family’s old coat of arms (the coat of arms attached to his actual last name) engraved on something.  Those aren’t huge things certainly but some people definitely would see them as somewhat impressive status symbols.  And for those reasons and many other related reasons pertaining to status (especially in the US) that piece of my history was relevant to a discussion of class. I could go on but I doubt it’s wise. Anyway, those aren’t the reasons why.

Potential real snobbery on my part also wouldn’t have much to do with my husband (The same hater jealously accused me of being a backward, unliberated woman because I mockingly mentioned my husband’s income, which I did mockingly because some people’s competitive ramblings and questions in the fragrance community were annoying.  But, said hater totally missed my tone or they were trolling.).  I love my husband and we’re currently happy but I’m not dependent on him for status and I could have easily made my own way in life if I hadn’t fallen in love, gotten married and then become pregnant. And that’s despite what some vicious, willfully idiotic and emotionally abusive people (mostly women) think who seem to be psychotically fixated on believing the worst of me (and likely a lot of other people too).

I was going to go into international politics or be a history professor or a lawyer. And I can convincingly and truthfully argue that I would have done one of those (or all of them at some point) had I not married Mark and become very distracted by our life together (i.e. having children). So there you go. Compete with that then (if you must 🙄) or realize you’re full of a sort of misogynistic nonsense, haters. Or do you not follow that or what I mean by it? No? Oh well, just be “confused.” 🙄

Although, let’s be even clearer just in case it’s still elusive: anyone in their right mind with an ounce of common sense would know that despite whether or not it’s good a lot of people do care about your ancestry (which is more than just English for me! 😖🙄😖  I’m proudly Scandinavian. I even have a Norwegian knighted author on one side. I love the history and culture of those countries. And I have family in Norway right now.) …and what your spouse earns and their other credentials do also matter a lot to most people when they evaluate you consciously or subconsciously. That’s just reality.

But again, me sharing those things wasn’t me being a bully or trying to lord something over people just because those things matter to a lot of people. I was stating facts about myself in light of what people judge people on and I shared the things I did because I was tired of the ridiculousness of some people and their obnoxiously fragile egos. I was trying to shut them up with reality and sarcasm.  What I shared was potentially scary to people with self-delusions about their own superiority in terms of family ancestry and their money, but sharing it coldly and factually with sarcasm is not the same thing as looking down on people or bullying them. And frankly it’s only been in the last year and a half or so that I’ve started telling people that sort of thing about myself out of frustration. I’ve been exasperated and was sometimes trying to overshare to get people to stop bothering me. It was meant to be a, “Stop trying to aggressively compete with me and impress me because I may have a lot more than you and frankly if I don’t care then why the heck do you? You’re just making a fool of yourself and being very annoying and offensive.” ☺️ …But it was maybe a little unkind and harsh in a way and it clearly didn’t work. 😂☺️

The real reason I could be a snob I think is my current birth family’s state. I’m an actual (real) heiress of at least my father’s estate as he inherited wealth that’s still growing from his parents after years of hard work on his own merit. It’s also because of how well my parents were raised, how well I was raised, and my own personal merits and accomplishments (And to reiterate, no, I don’t currently work beyond being a part-time antique dealer because I wouldn’t have to work at all and I want to raise a family the best way I know how which requires time at home. My husband and I are a team and to some degree our money belongs to both of us. Some bitter, pretentious, and jealous people who pretend to be offended feminists to steal the moral high ground need to stop imposing their truly less than sincere or enlightened choices and views on others.). …And frankly it’s also because I have innately good taste and judgement in most matters.  And I’m sorry, saying all that is abhorrent and tasteless to me (I’m not kidding – I honestly hate this). But a lot of people already know some of that about me if it’s true (or all of it if they’re close to me), and I am only stating this so bluntly and with intentional brashness because apparently some haters needed me to spell out the obvious for them.  Delusions can run deep for those who despise you and desperately want to look at you as something far beneath them…somehow. Subtlety, politeness, and common sense weren’t giving them a good idea of things apparently and neither was being too bold about matters that only seemed to “confuse” them. (Although, to note, I think a lot of people would say I could also be a cold snob because of my husband. And a few would also say that in regard to my ancestry and family’s history too.)

Truly though, my whole life people have said I had good taste, manners and a fine sense of things and the things I have now weren’t that far off in childhood (hopefully people understand what that means).  But I don’t lord anything over anyone (and I’m not a real snob). 😖🙄 I just exist. If you’ve ever felt that I have lorded something over you or snubbed you, it’s likely from me being too honest when you didn’t want to hear it (and I probably should have just walked away instead) or you misunderstood or perhaps don’t understand some things in general.  Or maybe you have low self-esteem.  But if so, that isn’t my fault or problem.  Don’t take it out on me or my family.  You know we have nothing to do with your suffering.  We don’t really know you…  Conversations, even over a period of years, don’t really amount to truly knowing someone.  Sorry.   And you don’t really know me or my family either. But I’m not sure I want a lot of people to get to know me. There are many people right now who seem to have animosity for almost everyone.

SO, when I called myself a snob what I meant was that at times I do find things wrong, tacky, or crass.  And at times I have rejected a thing or someone’s offers or actions because I find them, the idea of something or a thing itself offensive or less than positive.   But, I don’t reject actual people (as a human being) out of snobbery.  I don’t ever “look down on people” or deem things worthless (unless the thing is really evil, truly useless or dangerous).  I just don’t like everything and I have boundaries and there people who have called me a snob because of that. I was humoring them in calling myself a snob, I guess.

Although, there are times I wonder if you have to be an actual horrible snob in life in some way. It seems a lot of people can be incredibly hateful if you’re vulnerable, nice and trusting and have more than those people have in any way they’re threatened by.

Anyway, as a likely permanent non-snob, it’s sad to me that I have to end my personal posts that seemed very hopeful in regard to connecting with others, but it might be time.  The internet is changing as the world changes and unfortunately that’s not an entirely good thing right now.

Please take care.  And read that with a tone of genuine care and concern. 

Midnight Romance


Midnight Romance (Ralph Lauren 2014) is perfectly named.  The opening of a cool but tremulous litchi and bergamot flanked by a sweet and sentimental raspberry is indeed romantic.  Wet and embracing peony and freesia hold confident presence next to a sensual jasmine.  Into the drydown an elegant iris and pretty vanilla soften the florals into a delicate hum.

Top notes: litchi, bergamot, and raspberry.  Middle notes: peony, freesia and jasmine sambac.  Base notes:  ambroxan, iris, and vanilla.  

My mother and father had a very close friend (not a relative) when I was growing up that I called my “aunt.”  She remained a close family friend until about five or six years ago.  I have often suspected that she just eventually couldn’t quite cope with the fact that my parents separated, but then again…

She always claimed to adore me as a niece, and I think in some ways she did really care, but at times she could be cruel in her assumptions  (at least from my perspective).  In college when I told her my woes in regard to guys she told me that I was trying too hard.  I still don’t even know exactly what she meant by that…  It had something to do with trying to look pretty though because she referenced that.   Apparently, I was supposed to completely give up on looking nice or something and then it would all work out?

I’m not sure…

She also thought I had never really been in love or liked anyone I said I liked.  She thought I was just in love with the idea of love…  She thought I just, “wanted to be loved.”   But then, when I met Mark and later married him she was furious because she thought I had neglected her.  She thought he had “replaced her” and I didn’t “need her” anymore.  And, that was when it hit me that there might be a problem.   How was her relationship with me at all threatened by a serious romantic relationship?   That was also around the time she decided to end her relationship with our whole family…

So…   I’m not sure what her “deal” was (truly).  But I know when I heard that she thought I was just in love with the “idea of love” it definitely made me think.

However, thankfully, I don’t believe she was right…  I know my own heart and mind quite well (thankfully).

Love is so complicated (duh, right?!).  For one thing, I think there are different levels of love…   And I think love can grow or die.  I don’t believe it’s just an emotion.   I think that love is almost more like a separate entity (but not really).  It also exists in a context…  So, for example, there were guys I knew who were likely “really good for me” but the initial love (and no I don’t mean just lust) wasn’t there for us.  However, had there been that first spark of love I think that that love between us would have grown with time…  And then, there’s Mark.  And sadly, with him, as I’ve said before (many times now), the love was there at first (for me) but died over time.  (And it truly died...  I mean, it was a brutal experience to fully accept slowly and painfully over months, and years how impossible things have been between us.)

I think one ideal is to find someone who you fall passionately in love with at first, and then grow into a deep, quiet, sincere and abiding romantic love with over time (and if the passion remains then that’s fantastic)…   I think that, albeit a very rough sketch, is the combination that comprises true love.

I know it’s possible.  I’ve seen it.  Ironically, my “aunt’s” parents had that kind of relationship.  They  both loved each other in a real and very deep way and it kept growing and changing with time…

No, I’m not just in love with true love but, at the same time, why the hell wouldn’t I want that?!  Anyway…


Finally, if you read this Handsome, well…  I *blow a kiss* your way (hopefully that’s not too awful).   I hope your week is ending well.

And, I hope everyone’s week is ending well…







Giorgio Beverly Hills

2015-03-03 09.43.38 (2)

The original Giorgio Beverly Hills is suprisingly chypre like (Giorgio Beverly Hills 1981) with a deep, green freshness at first.  It’s luxurious, floral, a bit overwhelming and heavy and sadly doesn’t work the best with my chemistry at first.  However, as it progresses and becomes slightly powdery it changes and turns into a very lovely fragrance with tons of sillage.  It’s sexy in a very 1980’s way but still demure.  It brings images of shoulder pads, heavy make-up and pastel colors to mind.

By the drydown it mellows a bit and becomes shimmery, creamy but still a little Earthy with a green vibe that feels straight from the 1970’s (1981, when it debuted, is still the early 80’s of course).   It’s even slightly spicy in the drydown.  The original Giorgio Beverly Hills is a very multi dimensional beautiful fragrance (if you can find it).

2015-03-03 09.43.54 (2) 2015-03-03 09.44.05 (2)

However, of course, the original is no longer being made as Avon, for about $165 million dollars in 1987, purchased it from Giorgio Beverly Hills and eventually the rights to the fragrance were transfered to Elizabeth Arden. The Elizabeth Arden version, the current formulation, and the original are almost two different scents.  In my humble opinion the older is better for most of the duration but they become the most similar in the late drydown and that’s when the newer version is the best. The newer version gains a bit of depth and a softness in the late drydown and by then the older is more of a genial floral chypre (as described above).

2015-03-21 14.56.17 (2)

For the majority of the time on the skin the newer version has more emphasis on tuberose and carnation.  It’s sweeter, shrill, sharp, and while my chemistry tolerates it better at first than the original it’s a rather unpleasant foamy carnation. The original eventually turns into something grand while the newer version just fusses around in mediocrity on the skin (I still like it though) until the very end.  However, again, in the late drydown it does become very light and almost clean and crystalline.  It’s pretty but not beautiful as it lacks the amount of depth, and punch of the original along with the ability to bloom on the skin into a well balanced (albeit heavy) bouquet.


Last night I watched two movies.  I watched “The Notebook” and “Roman Holiday.”   And I was reminded why I adore “Roman Holiday,” and why I both loathe and admire “The Notebook.”   But, the thing is, aside from being cloying and cheesy (please don’t hate me) I actually appreciate the message “The Notebook” sends about love more than “Roman Holiday.”  As annoying as the Nicholas Sparks movie is, it has more hope and I think that that’s both truly scary and important.

There are actual couples in this world who are as fortunate and happy as stars of the Sparks film, and I think that it’s easy to assume otherwise.  I think it’s really rare and so many things have to align for it to happen that it’s hard to believe it exists…  But it exists.  And that’s scary, because if a person believes that people can actually be that happy with each other life becomes both infinitely better and worse.  You might reach the moon, but most will never leave the trees… sadly.

And yet, I think that when you stop to ponder how impossible everything is and how “lucky” people often are in so many countless ways, it sort of points to the existence of God.  And it illuminates how many of us have our own miracles to be grateful for…

For example, when we communicate with people (in any way) we take so many chances.  Don’t we?  And I don’t mean the chance of ultimately getting hurt ourselves, I mean we take chances of hurting other people in small or possibly profound ways.  And yet, so often people actually have meaningful, life-long friendships.  It’s amazing…  And even when people do get hurt, there’s often a chance that, if we’re “lucky” we can fix it…

And, as a rather light aside, I hope that someday I’ll be lucky enough to find a haircut that flatters my face even half as much as Audrey Hepburn’s did in “Roman Holiday…”


Until tomorrow…


DSC01689 (2)

I heard about Passion by Elizabeth Taylor for years.  Similarly to any other iconic fragrance Passion manages to find itself in literature.  It was in a book I read in junior high school.  There was this very colorful female character who wore clothes that were much too small for her, false eyelashes, fake nails, a wig and plastered on make-up.  She was the aunt of the protagonist, a young teenage girl who viewed her aunt as both exotic and tacky but still someone she hoped to vaguely imitate.  And this woman doused herself in Passion.  Matter of fact she reeked of Passion.

Oviously, given my literary introduction, I had some preconceived ideas when I recently tried Passion.  However, at first sniff I was surprised to find a very clean and musky fragrance.  It was not what I expected at all, and I liked it.  Although I generally do like orientals and this is an oriental.  It’s also very animalic, especially in the drydown…

Passion (Elizabeth Taylor 1988) is complex, sensual (hence the way it appeared in the book) and amorous.  I wonder if Elizabeth Taylor was trying to write an olfactory autobiography with this scent, since those adjectives suit her quite well too. With strong notes of sandalwood, civet, musk, and tuberose in the drydown, bergamot and coriander in the opening and ylang ylang the entire time Passion is a charming fragrance.

2015-03-21 14.42.46 (2)

Tonight we’ll be going to see Carmen. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

My husband finished taking his test, so we can finally breath again as a family.  My son and husband spent some time at a park yesterday evening before dinner.  My son came back with sand in his hair and shoes but he was smiling.  I think they had a good time…  🙂

I can’t say it’s been the easiest week of my life but in some ways it’s been awe-inspiring and allowed me further insight into life in general.  I feel like my life is changing in some ways right now and so is the  world closest to me, but it’s the season of change so I suppose it’s fitting.

How has your week been?

Until Sunday.

Chanel No. 22

2015-03-03 09.40.38 (2)

As I’ve mentioned before, Chanel No. 22 is my signature scent.  I find that it’s the closest any scent comes to being filled with my heart and soul.  It feels like an olfactory best friend when I wear it – the sort of friend who understands you and illuminates the better parts of your nature.

Vintage Chanel No. 22 Eau De Cologne is not unlike vintage Chanel No. 22 Eau De Parfum, but there’s a lightness, a melancholy sweetness and an ephemeral aldehydic glow that is much more pronounced in the cologne.  I perfer the parfum, but the cologne still is glorious.

Top notes: aldehydes, bergamot, neroli and peach.   Middle notes: jasmine, orange blossom, rose, and lilac.  Base notes: tonka, benzoin and opoponax. 

2015-03-21 14.55.40 (2)


2015-03-21 14.44.19 (2)

Mitsouko is intensely romantic.  At first it is a fruity floral chypre with a green quality.  Debuting in 1919 (Guerlain 1919) there is definitely something of the World War I/post World War I pensiveness in Mitsouko.  Images of lovestruck, emotionally wrought young women with their soldier (hopefully returning from war) come easily to mind.  In the late drydown, powdery kisses with spice evoke misty moments of a long lost love.

There are many moments when you wear Mitsouko.  It changes wildly over time, almost as if it is telling a story, and since it was inspired by a romantic heroine from the novel, La bataille by Claude Farrère I suppose that makes sense.

The thing is, as fragrantica says, “Mitsouko is a mysterious fragrance, not allowing everyone to see its beauty.”  And, apparently, Mitsouko has decided not to allow me to see it’s beauty.  Yes, I know, that sounds ridiculous because how could someone who generally loves Guerlain and classic vintage perfumes not see the splendour of such a glorious fragrance with a majestic past.  But, I tell you, while I appreciate it a great deal and I see how it’s charmingly gentle yet fierce with it’s start of cool yet sublime citruses leading the way to the striking drydown of a spicy warm embrace, it doesn’t inspire the same happy awe for me that say, Shalimar or L’Heure Bleue do.  😦  Or even some of the more recent Aqua Allegoria fragrances either really…  I’m not happy about it, but I have to be honest.  Even though I can see that Mitsouko is a brilliant masterpiece I don’t really like it all that much.   Sorry.   I feel like a movie critic who doesn’t like the Godfather…

2014-12-30 18.09.15 (2)

This week it’s been a bit “cray cray” as the kids used to say a few years ago…  My son was sick, so sick that the on-call nurse noted that he met the criteria for measles and we had to bring him to the hospital where they put him in a special room.   He didn’t have measles thankfully, but the experience renewed my feelings about vaccinations (I won’t totally hijack my post and discuss that right now, don’t worry).  Now I’m fighting the virus he did have, and so are my mother and husband (my mom took care of our son this week).  And to top off that drama, after my father-in-law texted my husband and me about coming to visit my husband realized that he had signed-up for the wrong actuarial exam.

Now, if any of you know how time consuming and difficult each of those exams are you likely know how totally beyond frustrating it would be to think that you had signed-up for the wrong test and wasted hours and hours and hours of time (and energy and emotion) on something that would have to be postponed for months.  Yup.  My exhausted husband tried not to feel very defeated as he considered the situation (as did I).  But, thankfully the folks at the CAS (Casuality Actuarial Society) were forgiving and allowed my husband to sign-up for the test he actually needed to take (not one he’s already passed and certainly doesn’t have any interest or need to ever take again).  So, it’s all settled.

Anyway, I feel like this week has been about running around in circles screaming a little on each passing.  Circles and circles.  I feel a little worse for the wear…  Sadly, this weekend won’t be a “real” weekend though.  We’ll be busy.  Busy. Busy.  Boo!  A commonly repinned meme on Pinterest comes to mind, “Stop the glorification of busy!”  I agree Pinterest.  I agree!

Until Sunday.  🙂


2015-03-21 14.38.01Given its name I was expecitng Chiky (Jalle 1940) to be a perfume “inspired” by Guerlain’s masterpiece, Jicky.  And, while it does resemble Jicky with its florals and leather, Chiky has a lot more in common with Lanvin, Scandal.  It’s is a bit soapier, more rugged and perhaps a little rough around the edges compared to the Lanvin beauty but they are very similar.

So, after finding that at least one Jalle fragrance appears to possibly be an old fashioned knock off, I’m now questioning what Tru, my other Jalle perfume, may have been “inspired” by.  I really liked Tru, and I bet I would love the perfume it is imitating.  What names of vintage perfumes sound at least vaguely similar to Tru?  Or perhaps I should just use the notes I gathered from Tru and search on that basis.  More on this later…

2015-03-29 12.48.35 (2)

I had to reconstitute both Tru and Chiky and was pleased with the results.  I am a firm believer that old fragrances, like a lot of old things, were made to last and can potentially still be used.

2015-03-29 12.49.23 (2)

“French imported essence blended in the U.S.A.”

I truly think that spring is my favorite time of year.  Sure, it’s snowing, and raining and then snowing again (at least where I currently live) but there’s always that freshness in the air no matter what the weather is doing.  And, there’s something about the transition between winter and summer that always feels hopeful and exciting.

As I’m sure you’ve read a million times on my blog, this spring has been a busy one and this week was very busy in particular.  Next week will be even more busy.   But, just like spring, our hectic life has a lot of potential attached to it.  And, I’m really looking forward to this summer.

Until Sunday.

Marc Jacobs

2015-03-09 12.27.01 (2)

Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs 2001) is a graceful, lush, floral super gardenia.  It has an aquatic bent, with white pepper, tuberose, honeysuckle, cedar, musk and jasmine notes creating a delicate balance. Marc Jacobs is quietly passionate, earnest, and springlike.

In college it was one of my favorite scents.  When I wear it now I imagine cool green grass, quiet woods, and flowers (it’s not a coincidence that this is also a description of my alma mater’s campus grounds in the spring).

The drydown is what I remember from before the most and I can see why.  At first this scent is pretty, but in the drydown it really “blooms on my skin”  and becomes a dazzling, high pitched bouquet with the spotlight still on an aquatic gardenia. Unlike what many people describe in their reviews of Marc Jacobs, this is not a linear scent on my skin.  Perhaps this is one of those fragrances that varies wildly by wearer.  I think that little bit of mystery adds to the charm of Marc Jacobs…

2015-03-09 12.26.37 (2)

This week, we had two flat tires, tons of studying, and other busy goings on that I can’t really even remember at this moment.  Sometimes during the day, when I’m really tired, I feel like each second goes by so slow, but then at the end of the day, or the week, or month, I feel like my life is moving with a savage quickness.  And, that’s cliché, of course, but in my mind also worth noting.

Perhaps one of the few times during my week when time seems to go by at a “normal” pace is when I’m writing these posts…  🙂  So, thank you, again, for reading.  I hope your week is ending nicely.  🙂

Until Sunday.

Carolina Herrara

DSC01696 (2)

(Please note that even though the bottle says CH, I believe this to definitely be Carolina Herrera, Carolina Herrera and not her later CH fragrance released in the late 1990’s)

Carolina Herrera, Carolina Herrera (Carolina Herrera 1988) is a strong floral with particularly stand out notes of daffodil (narcissus), tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle and lily-of-the-valley.   Held at a distance I find it to be somewhat pretty on my skin but overall this super sweet and creamy 1980’s powerhouse is a bit overwhelming at first sniff.   However, it starts to grow on one after a while…

Carolina Herrera is bright and very cheerful and it conjures up memories of vacations to the tropics with a certain sensual glow.  And, to add a bit of drama it has an unexpected and mysterious edginess.  In fact, it’s rumored to be (or was) a favorite scent of Angelina Jolie and I think most of the elements of this perfume suit the public perception of her well.


Carolina Herrera reminds me of tropical breezes…

And so ends a week I’m glad to be done with.  Sigh.  My husband is studying for an actuarial exam and I’m on mom duty almost constantly.  Combined with a bunch of nonesense this week I’m glad it’s Friday (although the studying will continue for about a month longer, but eh).

Have a nice end of your week and start to your weekend.  🙂