Après l’Ondée 1950’s parfum (new fragrance post)

Will I buy a bottle of Elegant Schwan 06? Mm… It’s unclear. Will I buy a bottle of vintage Après l’Ondée? Yes! Licorice? How in the world did Guerlain make licorice smell so elegant?! It’s uncanny. I mean, licorice is yummy and all but it’s licorice. Anyway, vintage Après l’Ondée is Guerlain at its best.Continue reading “Après l’Ondée 1950’s parfum (new fragrance post)”

Orangers En Fleurs Extrait

I already know what I’m receiving from my husband for Christmas: Orangers En Fleurs Extrait. It arrived from Saks too. The extrait is regularly $600.00 but on Cyber Monday it was $510.00. That’s a deal. *smile* (Please note my sense of humor with this post.) Actually, I’m being serious though. Orangers En Fleurs Extrait neverContinue reading “Orangers En Fleurs Extrait”