Marilyn on a Bus (Spoiler Alert)

Also…I very recently watched the 1956 film directed by Joshua Logan based loosely on the William Inge play, “Bus Stop”. Marilyn Monroe was the big star of the film of course, and she does carry almost the entire movie by herself. While the other actors are necessary (Hope Lange, Arthur O’Connell, Eileen Heckart, Betty FieldContinue reading “Marilyn on a Bus (Spoiler Alert)”

The Meghan Troubles

“She’s a garbage commoner” “American Trash” said Americans and British alike in response to an article about the Meghan and Harry’s “Hamexit” (ham seems appropriate given Meghan’s theatrical aspirations and history) from the Royal Family. And of course there were also (tragically) racist comments and comments about how awful the Royal Family is…and, of course,Continue reading “The Meghan Troubles”