Dans La Nuit 

Soft, powdery, sweet floral aldehydes are flanked by green florals, musk, amber and a pretty sandalwood. The bouquet of Dans La Nuit (Worth 1924 and 1985) is particularly noticeable… I can easily detect numerous individual notes: in particular spicy carnation, lily-of-the-valley, and rose. It’s a truly blooming scent… and the gummy, raucous base notes are boozy and juicy. Even though this vintage bottle is clearly from the 80’s formulation the original mindset and heart of the original version from the roaring 20’s remains. Pleasant for a night in, much more appropriate for a night out… but certainly *night*. 

“Je Reviens”

2015-03-03 09.26.43 (2)

“Je Reviens” (or “I come back” translated from French to English), by Worth (Worth 1932) is a clean, soapy aldehydic floral masterpiece.  The soapy smell in “Je Reviens” is reminiscent of an old brand my grandmother used years and years ago and combined with an almost masculine persona in the drydown this fresh scent is dreamy but not silly and light but not crisp.

“Je Reviens” reminds me of a trip I took to New York City for a class in college.  The early 1900’s Park Avenue apartment we stayed in in Manhattan smelled of coffee (Chock Full O’ Nuts) and what may have been “Je Reviens” (although I didn’t know it at the time).  Indeed, “Je Reviens” is a very memorable scent – articulate and affecting.

I have two bottles of Worth, “Je Reviens”.  The top photo is a fairly “regular” sized bottle (an edt) and the second photo (below) is a minature bottle that came in a small box with Schiaparelli, Shocking and Tabu by Dana.  The minature bottle is filled with green tinted “Je Reviens”, while the other bottle’s contents are more of a light gold (as you can see).

2014-12-10 19.45.39 (3)The “book of the month” is going well.  I’m finding the vintage Norwegian language primer surprisingly easy to digest and I’m having fun using it to encourage our son to learn Norwegian too.  I invented a game (I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this) where we stick flashcards on things around the house with the correct noun or adjective in various languages.  Yesterday, although not in Norwegian, we played with flashcards of Spanish colors.  Our son seemed to enjoy this and I found that exciting.

Until Friday.  🙂