After reading through Caroline Calloway’s Instagram account today I’m baffled. What in the world is an “alpha female”?! It seems Calloway thinks being an “alpha female” is essentially employing overwrought Machiavellian tricks constantly in order to gain “money, power and fame”. Manipulation? Deception of the public and eventually everyone close to you (you can’t really […]


When you have to choose between two great options you learn a lot about who you really are. Or you realize there must be something even better? For example on a truly skin-deep level (pun intended): There are tons of great beauty products out there but skin does best with some consistency (from my experience) […]


They finished sizing and appraising my emerald ring. It’s perfect! And as I predicted we saved money (over a thousand) finding the setting ourselves. My natural (and untreated) emerald in an 18k (white gold) restored vintage (possibly close to antique) Art Deco setting. Yay! I love it!


And on a much happier note than my last post…I love GOOP. Yes. Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP. I’ve perused her blog on and off over the years, and I bought something from there years ago but I hadn’t again until last week. I needed a new moisturizer and I decided to try it once more. GOOP […]


I never had a problem with my weight, growing-up, thankfully. Very thankfully. But, I’ve known many people who have struggled their whole lives and I empathize with them. In high school I wore about a size 8 (US). That was my true heaviest time. Then, after high school, I started losing weight. In college I […]


A diamond? Nope. A sapphire. Honestly, why do I even try to evolve from my original ideas? I just find myself back where I started. Yesterday I had an appointment at my dentist and the hygienist asked about my grandmother’s ring. I’ve been wearing it since about October of last year, at least, because of […]