Notte Romana 

Notte Romana (Bosari 1870 1939) is one of the prettiest Bosari fragrances I’ve sampled yet… The white lily is lush, blossoming and marshmallow sweet, as are the other accompanying florals. And while this is listed as acquatic and ozonic on Fragrantica it’s also very vintage and so frothy with its sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean and…

Il Mio Sogno

With a powdery and soapy vintage beginning a bit like Je Reviens, Il Mio Sogno (Bosari 1870 1939) is dreamy, fresh and almost romantic.  Rosewood, neroli and orange blossom blend very well and an old perfumery rose, gardenia and vetiver are hard to miss.  Oakmoss and frankincense add warmth and depth.  This is one of…

Acqua Classica 

Reminiscent of Acqua di Parma Colonia there’s a sunny citrus, herbal green brightness and an airy, cool and crisp floral charm in Acqua Classica (Bosari 1870 1880). It’s actually even almost watery in the manner of much more contemporary fragrances… like L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme. But regardless of what you compare it to, it’s a…

Zagara (Orange Blossom) 

This stunning orange blossom is clean at the start, then fruity and bursting and then a sort of green edge emerges. It’s very vintage though and could easily be compared to No. 4711, Cordon Rouge and intriguingly Narcisse Noir. It’s a very, very lovely gem. I may have to hunt down a larger bottle. 

Garofano (Carnation)

This spicy green carnation is a… bit wild.  It’s the sort of scent you encounter while walking innocently outside through someone’s garden path.  It hits you and suddenly you feel affected by fragrance.  I can almost smell some sort of ozonic tinge to this as well…  And perhaps a tuberose?  However, it is appropriate and…

Acqua di Mughetto (Lily-of-the-Valley) 

Lily-of-the-Valley (Bosari 1870 unknown) starts gummy and fruity with a note of thick jasmine. Then a sublime lily-of-the-valley emerges – intensely authentic, bold and opulent. These scents by Bosari are indeed a treat to experience one by one and each is done impeccably.  

Violetta di Parma 

Vintage Violetta di Parma (Bosari 1870 1970) is a bright, brilliant violet. It’s sugary. It’s green tinged and a bit spicy… It’s like a violet confection with rosy florals and a vanillic base… Very fun.   Notes: rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth, heliotrope and musky and woody notes. 


Ultimately very musky, Balalaika is also a violet and bold Gardenia scent. The florals are green, spicy and woody. Doughy vanilla is sweet then smoky. Rosewood is aromatic like an old rosewood trinket box. The fragrance heats up as you wear it. Balalaika starts as a traditional woody floral, although somewhat mysterious, musky and sugary,…

Acqua di Rosa Thea 

Rosa Thea (Bosari 1870 unknown) is a very pretty tea rose with possible hints of jasmine, lily, and green notes. I believe I detect a warm and soothing sandalwood and vetiver into the drydown and ylang ylang throughout. But despite the other hints (my guesses) this is a very definite rose.