Acqua di Gioia


Like a breath of clean, cool ocean air Acqua di Gioia (Giorgio Armani 2010) opens on the skin.  Then, as it continues it sweetens and notes mint and lemon are accompanied by well paired peony and pink pepper.  Into the drydown as truly sugary as it is, it still is amazingly crisp, refreshing and cheering.  And that’s when it becomes certain that Acqua di Gioia is fresh brewed mint tea over crushed ice, with a bit sugar lemon in a bottle.


Top notes: mint and Amalfi lemon. Middle notes: peony, jasmine and pink pepper.  Base notes: Virginia cedar, French labdanum and sugar.

Noses: Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion


2015-02-19 19.18.36 (2)

Si by Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani 2013) is a sharp floral.  It’s bright and sweet but also fresh.  I can’t say that it’s a particularly unique fragrance for 2013 but it is pleasant.  The notes of cassis, freesia, ambroxan and vanilla are most prominent to my nose. It’s a bit like an updated version of some 1990’s/2000’s aquatic scent – modern (for its time), clean, affable and bound to be popular with many people.

Today I’m reviewing two ultra popular skin care products: Crème De La Mer, Moisturizing Cream and Kiehl’s, Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  Both of these products are used for anti-aging purposes and they claim some of the same results, however my skin definitely favored one over the other.  I tend to think that when a product has such varied reviews and intense media coverage that what that really means is that you have to try it for yourself (get samples).  What makes one person’s face a disaster can be someone else’s miracle elixir.

2015-02-15 11.46.22

Simply put, I hate Kiehl’s, Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  It made my skin drier and my fine lines worse (the opposite of what it’s supposed to do), caused multiple pimples and burned a bit when I put it on.   It’s not terribly cheap either.  In all fairness though, I did notice a slightly brighter complexion after multiple uses, although given that it caused pimples and aggravated my wintery fine lines I didn’t particularly care. There’s likely irritating ingredients in this concentrate so if you’re prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin it might not work the best for you either (but, again, I’m sure there are exceptions).

2015-03-26 17.16.09 (2)

I wasn’t expecting to like Crème De La Mer, Moisturizing Cream at all.  I’ve read so many bad reviews and negative articles about this product that I’ve never purchased it, but a while back my curiousity got the best of me and I hunted down this sample jar. Now, I’m confused because as far as I can see this stuff is utterly fantastic.  I mean, it’s really, really nice.

First, it applied fabulously well.   I didn’t have to use much of it to cover my entire face and neck (and I’m not talking about just barely covering it either).  It smells delightful.  My skin was dewy, soft, but not greasy and it absorbed quickly.

Crème De La Mer moisturized my skin really well (or so it seemed), added radiance, my fine lines were diminished and it shrunk my pores – all things that other products can do well, but La Mer excelled.  Matter of fact, I liked it so much that I’m probably going to be purchasing a jar of Crème De La Mer, Moisturizing Cream in the near future (or try to hunt down a tin of German Nivea).  It makes me wonder if Clarisonic (another hyped-up product) lives up to its promises too..   Hmm.

Rainy Blue

Tonight we’re having spaghetti.  Simply put, it’s easy to make and it tastes good.  Sometimes I’m ready to really cook, but tonight, not so much…

It got super complicated trying to find an antique dealer nearby who was interested and who would be able to take the our hutch soon enough.  So, we decided to keep it, and I’m kind of glad about that.  I really liked the mahogany, 1940s, secretarial hutch that we were intending to sell.  We just had to take the top half down and put it in a closet to make it safer for our son – I was worried it would fall over…  Pretty sure it’s much safer without the top attached.

DSC06598 (2)

Our hutch at the old place

Anyway, with all the moving, and rearranging, it’s a spaghetti night.  Just in case you were wondering, it’s a Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil Marinara based meat sauce with Trader Joe’s spaghetti noodles.  🙂

Before it became a spaghetti night it was a rainy fall day.   I love rainy days.

For this rainy fall day, I wore green J. Crew rain boots, a chambray J. Crew jacket, a navy blue Old Navy dress, and a blue and green cotton scarf from Macy’s.  I also wore Armani Code for Women, by Giorgio Armani.  Code was the perfect scent for such a rainy day.  I feel like it’s a clean, sweet and pleasant smelling fragrance.

DSC06645 (2)

DSC06627 (2)

Experimenting with the camera

Experimenting with the camera – my husband and son in the background.

Armani Code for Women

Armani Code for Women

You know, one thing I’ve definitely realized from our most recent moving experience is that if we ever move to the UK we’ll have our hands full deciding what to keep…  And, if we decide to sell anything, we’ll start months before.

Until Friday.  🙂