L’Esprit Divin (Repost)

L’Esprit Divin (Paul Emilien 2014) is beautiful… but topples just on that side after nearly missing being ever so slightly offensive. At the start the almost chemical aroma, akin to a cleaning solution, with a pungent mix of incense, cloves, woody ginger, citrus, spicy patchouli and resinous rose is…a little daring. Of course, L’Esprit DivinContinue reading “L’Esprit Divin (Repost)”

Tyran (Repost)

Tyran (Dana possibly 1930’s – unknown) is spicy as fruity notes careen elegantly about eventually creating a powdery chypre. The few florals are lovely but dark and dense. This is a very intelligent and subversive scent (of course) perhaps best worn, as many of the scents in my vintage Dana sampler, at night…