Lalique (Repost)

When Sophia Grojsman created the fragrance that would be presented in this Marie-Claude Lalique bottle (Lalique 1992) she invented a somewhat cool and detached beauty with an enormous amount of decadent, sweet, tart and very juicy allure. The blackberry waltzes with the citrus, orange blossom and rose. And the rich oakmoss chills the vanilla-tinged, sandalwood-spicyContinue reading “Lalique (Repost)”

Eternity (Repost)

The current formulation of Eternity (Calvin Klein 1988) is airy, crisp but not what I remember from the original.  Matter of fact it almost stinks, although the drydown is better.   The newer version is made by Coty Prestige and smells a bit cheap with less depth.  I need to find an old bottle. IContinue reading “Eternity (Repost)”

Evelyn (Repost)

At some point in the 1980’s or 90’s Crabtree and Evelyn debuted a fragrance called Evelyn.  It’s rosy, rosy beauty is very charming.  Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve smelled a fragrance as truly rosy as Evelyn before. Evelyn opens with rosebuds – the sort of vintage rose scent I imagine wafting from theContinue reading “Evelyn (Repost)”

Carnation Pink (Repost)

This supremely carnation, floral fragrance is musky, balsamic and reminds me a lot of Coty L’Origan and a wee bit of L’Heure Bleue (L’Heure Bleue especially in the drydown).  It’s a very early 1900’s scent (based on my research and nose) with likely notes of bergamot, rose, ylang ylang, violet, iris, carnation, nutmeg, coriander, cloves, pepper,Continue reading “Carnation Pink (Repost)”

Printemps Japonais de Galimard (Repost)

Printemps Japonais de Galimard (Galimard 1960) is super sweet, springlike, flowery and light.  It’s an elegant fragrance with an intense fruity notes. Top notes are raspberry, plum, lemon and bergamot; middle note is rose; base notes are iris and vanilla. All the notes above can be accounted for, and frankly that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  ThisContinue reading “Printemps Japonais de Galimard (Repost)”

L’Origan (Repost)

In 1905, Francois Coty debuted L’Origan.  It was considered very advanced at that time (this is before the sinking of the Titanic and World War I of course) due to it’s use of synthetic materials. I’m blessed to have found a very old vintage bottle of L’Origan (Coty 1905).  Using it is a treat… It’sContinue reading “L’Origan (Repost)”

Chamade (Repost)

Today I’m wearing Chamade (Guerlain, 1969).  The name was supposedly inspired by the Francoise Sagan novel, “La Chamade.”   In Sagan’s novel a man and a woman in 1960’s Paris fall deeply in love but of course, something must get in the way of their future together and, since the man is poor, social classContinue reading “Chamade (Repost)”

Cinnabar (Repost)

Cinnamon.  Cinnamon sticks, cinnamon in my decaf latte, and Good Earth tea.  Cinnamon is such a warm, inviting and perfect spice for Autumn. Cinnabar, by Estée Lauder from 1978, has a lot of spicy warmth, with an emphasis on the cinnamon.  I enjoyed wearing my vintage bottle with a floral print blouse, skinny jeans fromContinue reading “Cinnabar (Repost)”

Gardénia (Repost)

In 1925 Chanel debuted Gardénia, and in the 1980’s Chanel reformulated Gardénia and debuted it again. Now it’s a part of the Les Exclusifs de Chanel. And, really, considering how long Gardénia has been available its impeccable charm and clear, airy, yet dashingly romantic persona, I truly have no idea how I never managed toContinue reading “Gardénia (Repost)”