Un Chercher (Repost)

This is a wild fragrance (Signature Fragrances 2014). But it’s wild and…blue. Sort of like super chilled whisky. The lemon and lavender are menthol-like in an almost eucalyptus sort of way but, also, they’re exaggerated versions of themselves… At any rate, this fragrance, classified as a men’s fragrance, is in fact quite gentlemanly. Very politeContinue reading “Un Chercher (Repost)”

Feminin Pluriel (Repost)

Soapy florals mix with green and spicy patchouli leaf (Maison Francis Kurkdjian 2014).  There’s a lyrical, silvery iris and a bouquet of other lovely florals chilled by a proper vetiver. And yet, the light provided by the patchouli leaf warms the room.   Notes: iris, violet, rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, orange blossom, vetiver and Indonesian patchouliContinue reading “Feminin Pluriel (Repost)”

Crêpe de Chine (Repost)

Crêpe de Chine (F. Millot 1925) was made with rare Grasse jasmine and would be much too expensive to make today.   It’s comprised of vintage florals that are delicate and lovely set in a warm, raucous background.  Dominant notes in the drydown are perhaps patchouli and leather.   Crêpe de Chine is a balance between wildContinue reading “Crêpe de Chine (Repost)”