Tatiana (Repost)

Tatiana by (Diane von Furstenberg 1975) is a largely indolic orange blossom, tuberose and gardenia fragrance in the beginning with the decidedly heaviest emphasis placed on orange blossom.  Tatiana is a very green, soft, feminine scent. It smells a little like what would perhaps be an olfactory representation of crushed velvet. Tatiana is intense butContinue reading “Tatiana (Repost)”

Amazone (Repost)

I was determined to make a meal plan for the coming week this weekend.  Thankfully, I found a great timesaving shortcut in the Whole Foods Market weekly menu planning guide.  We based our entire week’s groceries on the current guide.   It was interesting.  We bought nutritional yeast for the first time and the majority ofContinue reading “Amazone (Repost)”

Salut de Schiaparelli (Repost)

Salut de Schiaparelli eau de parfum, from 1939 Salut de Schiaparelli was launched by Schiaparelli in 1934.  It was supposedly intended for young women but like many children’s shows, there are themes clearly intended for a more mature audience. Salut (Schiaparelli 1934) is intoxicatingly attractive, although I wouldn’t call it a warm or enveloping fragrance.Continue reading “Salut de Schiaparelli (Repost)”

Chanel no. 19 (Repost)

I found my bottle of vintage Chanel no. 19 edt. on eBay from a seller who’s mother owned a department store.  She apparently had tons of samples from decades ago and I have been enjoying my bottle of authentic, well-preserved vintage Chanel no. 19 all day.  Some say that vintage bottles are weary, broken andContinue reading “Chanel no. 19 (Repost)”

Rainy Blue (Repost)

Tonight we’re having spaghetti.  Simply put, it’s easy to make and it tastes good.  Sometimes I’m ready to really cook, but tonight not so much… It got super complicated trying to find an antique dealer nearby who was interested and who would be able to take our cabinet soon enough.  So, we decided to keep it, andContinue reading “Rainy Blue (Repost)”

Emeraude (Repost)

In French, émeraude means emerald. I love emeralds. Emerald cut diamonds are gorgeous, and emerald cut emeralds are just beyond… Emerald, or Emeraude is the perfect name for the classic fragrance, created in 1921, by Coty.  It’s a very Art Deco fragrance, with citrus top notes and basenotes of benzoin and opoponax.  And, similarly to theContinue reading “Emeraude (Repost)”

Cabotine de Grès (Repost)

Last night my husband and I finally watched “To Have and Have Not” together. It was just as splendid and unearthly as I remember… I say unearthly because when I watch it I feel like I’m being towed back in time.  Perhaps if I had watched it when it was in the theater it wouldContinue reading “Cabotine de Grès (Repost)”

Miss Dior Chérie (Repost)

I bought my bottle of Miss Dior Chérie in 2010 at a Macy’s that doesn’t exist anymore.  It had been a couple of other department stores before it became a Macy’s and it was the last surviving department store located downtown. There were a few buildings with people living in them then, but it was mostly justContinue reading “Miss Dior Chérie (Repost)”

Lenthéric Tweed, 1933 (Repost)

Tweed, introduced by Lenthéric in 1933, is woody scent with a lot of vibrant citrus.  It reminds me of Echt Kölnisch Wasser no. 4711 (Muelhens, 1792) in that it’s a very clean, vintage fragrance.  However, while no. 4711 is overwhelmingly fresh, Tweed tends to be more powdery and feminine, especially in the dry down – a bit like Shalimar. Based onContinue reading “Lenthéric Tweed, 1933 (Repost)”