Chanel No. 46 (Repost)

A deep, green, woody chypre with a brilliant amount of warm leafy loveliness, Chanel No. 46 (Chanel 1946) is rich and potent. A prominent bergamot, heady jasmine, charmingly complex orris root and a very vintage rose (almost reminiscent of Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose) create a multilayered and truly bewitching scent. And, there’s a dash of cuminContinue reading “Chanel No. 46 (Repost)”

Chanel no. 22 (Repost from 2014)

It’s been a long week so far and it’s only Wednesday.  A very long week…   Has it been that way for you too?  I hope not. My son has croup.  Yes, the stuff from the L.M. Montgomery novel, Anne of Green Gables.  And no, we did not use ipecac.  Sadly, croup is a lotContinue reading “Chanel no. 22 (Repost from 2014)”

But Why?

I think some people on various social media platforms still want me to be lying about something. At least, that’s the gist I’ve gathered over the last two weeks. Imagine it’s 1989 and you’re at a party. Veronica is wearing a fuschia dress from the GAP. Veronica hopes people will think it’s Chanel and franklyContinue reading “But Why?”


My long awaited bottle of Chanel 1957 (Chanel 2019) from Les Exclusifs de Chanel did not disappoint. No, indeed. It’s quickly becoming one of my top ten favorite Chanels. 1957 is slightly reminiscent a few other Chanels from Les Exclusifs de Chanel especially at the start. Jersey, the Eau de Cologne, Gardenia, No. 18 andContinue reading “1957”