Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)

I suppose I’m not supposed to wear Chanel no. 5 in the middle of the week, for no particular reason, but I am.  I’m wearing it on a Wednesday, and I’m not going anywhere “special.”  And I say, why not?  I do see the virtue in saving special things for special occasions, but sometimes specialContinue reading “Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)”

Chanel no. 19 (Repost)

I found my bottle of vintage Chanel no. 19 edt. on eBay from a seller who’s mother owned a department store.  She apparently had tons of samples from decades ago and I have been enjoying my bottle of authentic, well-preserved vintage Chanel no. 19 all day.  Some say that vintage bottles are weary, broken andContinue reading “Chanel no. 19 (Repost)”

No. 22 (Repost)

Chanel No. 22 from the current Les Exclusifs De Chanel smells an incredible amount like its aldehydic, white floral, 1922 predecessor.  It’s lighter, a bit less complex perhaps and a lot more airy.  It’s also less mysterious… But it’s still an utterly fantastic fragrance.  Chanel No. 22 is my signature scent. As I’m writing thisContinue reading “No. 22 (Repost)”