Guerlain L’Heure Bleue Parfum (Vtg)

(Sealed) Guerlain 1960’s Vintage L’Heure Bleue Parfum

This almond pastry perfume from the early 20th Century by the legendary Jacques Guerlain is the carnation fragrance. If you find carnations dowdy and dull wear enough L’Heure Bleue in vintage form and you’ll become besotted.

Actually, I used up a spray bottle of 2010’s L’Heure Bleue in less than 10 years and thankfully that formulation is also nothing to shake a stick at.

I finished this 2014 bottle by 2021. For me that’s unusual.

Once I read a theory on a Fragrantica chat that Zelda Fitzgerald likely wore L’Heure Bleue and while that theory could easily be accurate the theory was based on the assumption of her supposed general snobbery. To my nose L’Heure Bleue is elegant and old-world opulent like Mitsouko…but it’s also warm and gooey and toasty and buttery and delicious. It’s not a cold, prim fragrance at heart. It’s a bit melancholy and pensive possibly but not snobby. Exclusive maybe… But it’s a warm, sensitive olfactory beauty.

I need to buy more. Given my tastes I can’t own too much LHeure Bleue.