Diamonds and Sapphires

This is a typical Elizabeth Taylor fragrance (Elizabeth Taylor 1993), in my opinion, in that it almost overwhelms you but doesn’t quite and then you’re left smelling something ambery, vanillic and a little smoky in a very 1980’s/90’s style. The green heliotrope and musky melon add more depth, density and interest. And rhubarb adds even more intrigue. Of course, as a vintage parfum this lasted a long time on the skin. And, of course, it mellows more over time. Of all the Elizabeth Taylor fragrances I think this is one of my favorites as it has many memories attached to it and I love the sharp, melon infused edges.


I thought some of you who don’t hate me might find this post funny and ironic. Snob was released by Le Galion in 1952 and then rereleased (and reformulated) in 2014.

This is a travel size bottle of the old formula. And I love it. Figures right?! 😂☺️Ha!

The current formulation lists rose as a middle note and I definitely detect rose. I also smell a funky saffron infused jasmine, a subtle apple, and a hearty orange blossom mixed with bergamot.

It’s actually a fascinating fragrance. It’s edgy and exotic but also elegant and somewhat refined. That rose note is especially intriguing. It’s very prominent and it’s somewhat prim but the saffron dances around it. And the musky, amber, sandalwood tinged base is a contrast.

But there’s a lot of dramatic and enjoyable contrast with this fragrance. And actually, if you added oud this 1952 version would smell a lot like a Tom Ford contemporary.

I really like it a lot.

Nose (for the 1952 version): Paul Vacher

Why I Won’t Discuss Personal Things Anymore On My Blog

Here are a few reasons I won’t be ever sharing personal matters on my blog or on Instagram again:

1. Some people get jealous – very insecure and competitive…for reasons that are both understandable and not. And, there’s no effective way to make them stop and go away (other than cloistering yourself or leaving).

2. Some people have a hard time not projecting their own prejudices and preconceived ideas into tone and intent.

3. Others don’t often actually care but are nosey and waiting for you to do something that’ll make them feel better about themselves.

4. If people do become emotionally involved it’s often to compare your life, choices, experiences, money, brains, etc. to theirs. They just want to find another way to pick themselves apart or to pick you apart to make themselves feel better.

5. Most people don’t read everything you write but skim through it and so miss important points. (I do understand that people are busy but it’s still frustrating, especially if they become irrationally angry because they misunderstood.)

6. People don’t see innocence or vulnerability unless they’re another good person or a bully. It’s not worth it to take the chances.

7. A lot of people aren’t capable of understanding things that have deep meaning, deep emotion or they lack empathy.

8. It’s often boring to other people to talk about yourself.

9. I actually like privacy but was naive enough to think if I reached out people would reach back (meaning open up and connect positively) online. Nope! Not many at all for me through blogging and not enough to make me keep going with it on Instagram anymore (Instagram has changed for the worse). Although, again, very thankfully on Instagram there was a truly positive and lovely overall community that used to and still sort of exists…

10. And again (I’m restating things here) a lot of people don’t have much humility, overestimate themselves in almost every area and will be incapable of being truly empathetic or self aware enough to handle what they’ve read. They’ll just find a way to validate their worst views of you and their highest opinions of themselves. Or they’ll just go straight to their other tendency of self-loathing and self-focus and forget you said you had problems too.

So, that’s why we can’t have nice things kids. (Like being open and “getting real” online) This will be my last personal post ever. Sorry.


So, the point of my last few personal posts (that I’ve since permanently taken down) was likely either lost on most people (save for a precious few) or they were too angry to want to understand.   And, it’s just sad to me.

I had previously enjoyed being open and sharing a lot on here and on Instagram but it seems the world is too full of selfish, emotionally immature, unstable, poorly educated and/or bitter fools to do so.  I took down a lot of personal stuff because I’ve realized it isn’t safe to be so open with people.   A lot of people just see demons and think I’m possessed where I intended the shadow of tree…and that’s all that ever was there.  Or they see someone they want to make a victim.

It should be safe though. It should be safe to embrace who you are online. People should be able to see goodness or good motives – to see someone as a unique individual and not just project their own issues on them. And, while I refuse to be intimated or bullied by the psychologically and emotionally manipulative with a chip on their shoulder, I get unbelievably tired of being misunderstood.  Perhaps some things are too complicated to easily address on a blog but in any case, something had to change.

Actually though, humorously and ironically, I’m starting to wonder if I should become an actual real snob (what I’ve been accused of). And I could. Easily.

Of course, I did call myself a snob and I can be what some people might loosely consider snobby but I shouldn’t have called myself one because I’m really not a snob.  I’ll explain what I really did mean by saying that about myself in a moment, but first I have to clarify something else.

Some people who are insecure and threatened have tried to make my gifts, blessings, abilities and heart seem lowly, non-existent or crude.  I tend to upset people who don’t genuinely like themselves and they lash out.

And, if I did become a real snob, as I was accused of being, it would have very little to do with the things a recent hater intriguingly highlighted. For example, the rings I own versus those belonging to someone else would have almost nothing to do with it (that wasn’t the point or snotty obsession of one of my posts as one of my haters suggested, and it wasn’t that hard to see that if you read the piece with honesty and without a vendetta. 😖😓). It wouldn’t have much to do with my possibly noble English ancestry and grandfather’s definitely old Southern family (My mother’s maiden name, by the way, is the one with a potential coat of arms historically associated with it, and there’s certainly a church that was built in the US because of them, and etc. and therefore it’s not fair or honest to label it some meaningless and distant thing – I’m sorry some people skim much too much, don’t understand certain things and/or assume too much.).  I could do things because of my ancestry like join the Daughters of the American Revolution (I’ve seriously considered it) or possibly have my grandfather’s family’s old coat of arms (the coat of arms attached to his actual last name) engraved on something.  Those aren’t huge things certainly but some people definitely would see them as somewhat impressive status symbols.  And for those reasons and many other related reasons pertaining to status (especially in the US) that piece of my history was relevant to a discussion of class. I could go on but I doubt it’s wise. Anyway, those aren’t the reasons why.

Potential real snobbery on my part also wouldn’t have much to do with my husband (The same hater jealously accused me of being a backward, unliberated woman because I mockingly mentioned my husband’s income, which I did mockingly because some people’s competitive ramblings and questions in the fragrance community were annoying.  But, said hater totally missed my tone or they were trolling.).  I love my husband and we’re currently happy but I’m not dependent on him for status and I could have easily made my own way in life if I hadn’t fallen in love, gotten married and then become pregnant. And that’s despite what some vicious, willfully idiotic and emotionally abusive people (mostly women) think who seem to be psychotically fixated on believing the worst of me (and likely a lot of other people too).

I was going to go into international politics or be a history professor or a lawyer. And I can convincingly and truthfully argue that I would have done one of those (or all of them at some point) had I not married Mark and become very distracted by our life together (i.e. having children). So there you go. Compete with that then (if you must 🙄) or realize you’re full of a sort of misogynistic nonsense, haters. Or do you not follow that or what I mean by it? No? Oh well, just be “confused.” 🙄

Although, let’s be even clearer just in case it’s still elusive: anyone in their right mind with an ounce of common sense would know that despite whether or not it’s good a lot of people do care about your ancestry (which is more than just English for me! 😖🙄😖  I’m proudly Scandinavian. I even have a Norwegian knighted author on one side. I love the history and culture of those countries. And I have family in Norway right now.) …and what your spouse earns and their other credentials do also matter a lot to most people when they evaluate you consciously or subconsciously. That’s just reality.

But again, me sharing those things wasn’t me being a bully or trying to lord something over people just because those things matter to a lot of people. I was stating facts about myself in light of what people judge people on and I shared the things I did because I was tired of the ridiculousness of some people and their obnoxiously fragile egos. I was trying to shut them up with reality and sarcasm.  What I shared was potentially scary to people with self-delusions about their own superiority in terms of family ancestry and their money, but sharing it coldly and factually with sarcasm is not the same thing as looking down on people or bullying them. And frankly it’s only been in the last year and a half or so that I’ve started telling people that sort of thing about myself out of frustration. I’ve been exasperated and was sometimes trying to overshare to get people to stop bothering me. It was meant to be a, “Stop trying to aggressively compete with me and impress me because I may have a lot more than you and frankly if I don’t care then why the heck do you? You’re just making a fool of yourself and being very annoying and offensive.” ☺️ …But it was maybe a little unkind and harsh in a way and it clearly didn’t work. 😂☺️

The real reason I could be a snob I think is my current birth family’s state. I’m an actual (real) heiress of at least my father’s estate as he inherited wealth that’s still growing from his parents after years of hard work on his own merit. It’s also because of how well my parents were raised, how well I was raised, and my own personal merits and accomplishments (And to reiterate, no, I don’t currently work beyond being a part-time antique dealer because I wouldn’t have to work at all and I want to raise a family the best way I know how which requires time at home. My husband and I are a team and to some degree our money belongs to both of us. Some bitter, pretentious, and jealous people who pretend to be offended feminists to steal the moral high ground need to stop imposing their truly less than sincere or enlightened choices and views on others.). …And frankly it’s also because I have innately good taste and judgement in most matters.  And I’m sorry, saying all that is abhorrent and tasteless to me (I’m not kidding – I honestly hate this). But a lot of people already know some of that about me if it’s true (or all of it if they’re close to me), and I am only stating this so bluntly and with intentional brashness because apparently some haters needed me to spell out the obvious for them.  Delusions can run deep for those who despise you and desperately want to look at you as something far beneath them…somehow. Subtlety, politeness, and common sense weren’t giving them a good idea of things apparently and neither was being too bold about matters that only seemed to “confuse” them. (Although, to note, I think a lot of people would say I could also be a cold snob because of my husband. And a few would also say that in regard to my ancestry and family’s history too.)

Truly though, my whole life people have said I had good taste, manners and a fine sense of things and the things I have now weren’t that far off in childhood (hopefully people understand what that means).  But I don’t lord anything over anyone (and I’m not a real snob). 😖🙄 I just exist. If you’ve ever felt that I have lorded something over you or snubbed you, it’s likely from me being too honest when you didn’t want to hear it (and I probably should have just walked away instead) or you misunderstood or perhaps don’t understand some things in general.  Or maybe you have low self-esteem.  But if so, that isn’t my fault or problem.  Don’t take it out on me or my family.  You know we have nothing to do with your suffering.  We don’t really know you…  Conversations, even over a period of years, don’t really amount to truly knowing someone.  Sorry.   And you don’t really know me or my family either. But I’m not sure I want a lot of people to get to know me. There are many people right now who seem to have animosity for almost everyone.

SO, when I called myself a snob what I meant was that at times I do find things wrong, tacky, or crass.  And at times I have rejected a thing or someone’s offers or actions because I find them, the idea of something or a thing itself offensive or less than positive.   But, I don’t reject actual people (as a human being) out of snobbery.  I don’t ever “look down on people” or deem things worthless (unless the thing is really evil, truly useless or dangerous).  I just don’t like everything and I have boundaries and there people who have called me a snob because of that. I was humoring them in calling myself a snob, I guess.

Although, there are times I wonder if you have to be an actual horrible snob in life in some way. It seems a lot of people can be incredibly hateful if you’re vulnerable, nice and trusting and have more than those people have in any way they’re threatened by.

Anyway, as a likely permanent non-snob, it’s sad to me that I have to end my personal posts that seemed very hopeful in regard to connecting with others, but it might be time.  The internet is changing as the world changes and unfortunately that’s not an entirely good thing right now.

Please take care.  And read that with a tone of genuine care and concern. 

Cèdre Atlas

Lemon and black current jump around wildly, wafting about you joyfully at the start (Atelier Cologne 2015). Perhaps it’s the cedar that tethers them down and eventually mixes them with a dash of sublime apricot, earthy papyrus and beautiful vetiver and amber. Cèdre Atlas is expansive, a little romantic, and very clean and contemporary. It feels cheerful to wear. Of course, as with many Atelier Cologne fragrances the longevity is a problem but I believe for some of them it’s definitely worth it to just wear and reapply when needed.

Top notes: lemon, black currant and bergamot. Middle notes: apricot, jasmine and cedar. Base notes: vetiver, papyrus and amber.

Nose: Jerome Epinette

Vétiver Fatal

When I first smelled Vétiver Fatal (Atelier Cologne 2012) I was instantly reminded of Chanel No. 18 and then later of Guerlain Vetiver. But anyway, throughout the entire progression until the very end, the notes both stand out individually and yet blend well together to create a fragrance that feels fresh, clean, contemporary a little comforting and cheerful. I’m not usually one to buy an oud fragrance but this is so luminous as aided by the delightful cedar, citrus and vetiver. Also, ironically, the fact that Atelier Colognes can sometimes fade within couple of hours works well for me in that regard. I don’t feel overwhelmed wearing this one, but I do feel uplifted by the lovely citrus notes and the crisp vetiver. I love it!


Jasmine flanked peony opens this floral treat (Penhaligon’s 2012). Violet leaf adds a lily-like, delicate sweetness. And musky, vetiver edged rose lingers distinctly, but distantly just beyond. But, Peoneve is really a green, leafy sort of scent. It’s meant for a spring or summer day just as this one…

Top note: violet leaf. Middle notes: rose, peony, and jasmine. Base notes: musk, vetiver, and cashmeran.

Nose: Olivier Cresp

Une Belle Journée

Une Belle Jouenée (Paul Emelien 2014) is magical. Somehow, when you first apply it, the iris, mint, rose, mandarin, jasmine and geranium read as…DILL! Fresh from the farmer’s market, on a perfect summer day, unbelievably elegant dill… And I adore it. Then it shifts about a little and the notes separate to form individual accords. Iris, mint and rose seem to be friends. Peony, plush immortelle, and violet leaf are buddies. And oakmoss, mandarin and rose seem to want iris to join their little gang… And as these notes clamor about for their place a gorgeous fragrance is formed and projected definitely but politely from the skin… 😍 I’m starting to think that I adore Paul Emelien.

Top notes: mandarin orange, iris, mint, Turkish rose and like. Middle notes: immortelle, rose, peony, jasmine, geranium, pink pepper, and violet leaf. Base notes: oakmoss, leather and jasmine.

Nose: Patrick Bodifée